There were multiple possibilities for a title for this post:

  1.  How I accidentally ran 6 miles
  2.  Worst. Run. Ever.
  3. Good Job, Legs, Good Job.
             So anyway, we’re just going to jump right into it. This morning, after a quick stop at County Market, I realized how nice it was outside which reminded me that I had “4 miles” written down in my planner. Probably about a year ago, I would have skipped my workout when extraneous factors got thrown into the mix. This weekend’s example would have been Stephen showing up out of nowhere (!!). But just like everything else on my To Do List, my workouts need to happen. Plus, I never regret a workout. So it was decided, mostly thanks to the cool breeze, that yes, my run today would indeed take place. Lucky for Stephen, I had my bike! So after breakfast, I mapmyrun.com’ed it, laced up my shoes, and dragged danced with Stephen out the door. And off we went! 

2 miles out + 2 miles back

Since he wasn’t concentrating on running, Stephen was great encouragement  entertainment on my run. For a majority of the time, I was laughing while running which was a great distraction. The route took us to Vine St., where we would turn right, and shortly after, we would take another right onto Elm Street. I kept running. And running. And running… no “Elm” street sign yet…

“STEPHEN!! THIS ISN’T THE RIGHT WAY!” (Says the girl sweating her ass off and slowly dying.)
“Yes it is, keep running.” (Says the kid, not sweating, coasting along the sidewalk on a bike, breeze in his hair.)
“I’m soooo out of shape!”

But I kept running. I literally ran until my body said “stop” (it’s been doing that a lot lately) and so I stopped. How can I NOT run 2 miles anymore? The turn around point was the 2 mile marker…am I REALLY this out of shape? Stephen backtracked to me and asked me why I stopped running. After I convinced him that it was the wrong way, he suggested we just turn around and run back the other way. At this point, I felt like crap. Partly because I was slightly in pain, but mostly because how am I SERIOUSLY this out of shape?

“This run sucks. I suck. Worst run ever. I’m done.”
“STOP COMPLAINING AND RUN! If all you’re going to do is complain and cut yourself down, of course you’re going to have a bad run. Shut up and run.”

He was right. Here I am, doing what I can, doing what I love, but all I can focus on is how bad I feel, how out of shape I am. What’s the fun in that? So I shut up, and I ran. And I made it a point to focus on all of the good things of that run. The weather was beautiful, at least I was running, albeit slowly but a run is a run, & I had great company, laughter and love. I found myself running faster.

About a mile back, there it was, the damn sign. ELM. You sneaky son of a bitch. WHY ARE YOU ONLY VISIBLE FROM ONE DIRECTION!? I took a second to stop and laugh with Stephen and then we kept going.

Unintentional 3 miles out...and 3 miles back.

(Not sure why the distance between miles 2 & 3 look so short? It.was.not.)


I’m glad that my body knows what it is capable of and I’m glad that I got the wakeup call that I needed while running today.

There was once a time that I laughed in the face of 6 mile runs. There was also a time in which one mile runs laughed in my face… really, really hard. I know that my body will do what I ask of it. Granted, it complies slowly, but surely. Which is why I’m ready to laugh in the face of the Illinois Triathlon.  
But more on that later =)



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