Mayra: why i run.

I’ve pondered for a couple days about what to write about. At this point, all that passes through my mind is to share the reasons behind why I love physical activity (PA) and exercise and sports and running. More specifically, why am I so passionate about running? Running, an activity that some view as impossible, or torture, or needless.

Here is a main reason:

If you knew me about 4 or 5 years ago you’d never find me running for distances longer than a mile. As my friend Christina (yes, she is one of the other people that posts on this blog) said at one point “I like to think that I was built for speed, strength, and power; not endurance and distance.” In high school I played basketball so if you told me to run sprints. I’d do that, no problem. “Running days” for my Athletic Physical Education (APE) class in high school consisted of sprinting for 30 min. Done, I looked forward to those days, [I was that weird student]. Alright, you get it I liked to be speedy and had plenty of fast twitch muscles fibers.

Fast forward to when I’m in my second semester of my senior year in college and you will find me running for longer than 1 mile several times a week. Why the change? Jesus Christ. Wait, what does that have to do with running!? Well you see He has everything to do with everything, that’s why.

It took me 3.5 years, from the point of committing my life to Christ to when I asked myself this question: what gifts, what talents has God given me to glorify Him? I wanted so much to spend my life as a constant act of worship to God that I needed that question to be answered. I came up with a few responses and a heart for doing and teaching PA was one of them. Shortly after the idea to run in some event within the 2011 Illinois Marathon became a topic of discussion amongst friends. BAM! I prayed about the idea of running and God led me to register. So we (Christina, Yessenia, Gmo, and myself) registered for the relay marathon.

“WHAT?! God did you really just tell me that I have to train and run 7 miles!? I’ve never ran more than 1.5 miles in my entire life, are you crazy?” “No, I’m good and sovereign, you’ll see.”

And I did see. I trained and ran those 7 miles and the glory went to God as my shirt read that morning in April.

So I run to praise my God. He has given me an enthusiasm for this type of exercise and so why not use it and do it for His honor. Running, along with playing and listening to music, reading scripture, praying, spending time with friends, and scrap-booking, has become an act of worship. I run to spend time with Jesus.


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