To lap or not to lap?

I ran 3 miles at the ARC today.

When I was running, I had the privilege running past a girl who was really struggling in her run– or at least thats what my judgmental mind thought to itself. Everything inside of me was shouting out, “encourage her”. As I came closer to lapping her my heart was exploding and my thoughts were racing. I gradually and hesitantly ran up next to her. I was about to speak words of encouragement, but nothing came out. Its like my voice had left me. Discouraged and confused, I slowed my pace and ran with her for a moment and smiled.

After 1/4 of a lap I sped up and left her behind. I felt kind of guilty and upset at myself. Why did no audible sound come out when I wanted it to? I could sit with Mayra or Teen and talk for forever, but when it seemed like it really mattered, I was incapable or delivering simple words.

The farther I ran the more I thought about it. Once I finished my 15th lap, I looked around I saw the same girl happily stretching on a mat. It was then that I realized that sometimes words aren’t necessary. Sometimes, having someone next to you is enough, even if it is just for a portion of the race.

So this girl, struggling in her run, helped a girl trying to pridefully whizz right past her; she helped me.



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