Better Late Than Never

4 1/2 days late but here they are- My Goals for September!
(maybe my first goal should be to be punctual…but that will have to start in October since I’m already late, ha)

                                        Workout before class at least once a week.
this one is going to be HARD for me. Many of you are early-morning worker-outers and I just cannot do it! I would absolutely love to be able to wake up, tie my shoe laces, and run before anything else gets done, but it takes me a good HOUR to even be semi-functioning in the morning, let alone coordinate my limbs to run, or worse-lift. I feel like if I were to swim in the a.m. I would most certainly drown. Maybe if I ease myself into it and start with once a week, I’ll be good to go.

                                                                  Stick to the schedule.
This is both the physical and academic schedule. If I stay on top of the many, many calendars and planners and daily to-do lists that I have, and do them in the order that they are intended to do, I will be just fine. I work two jobs, have 18 credit-hours, and have myself on a pretty intense workout schedule (that I LOVE, don’t get me wrong) but I sometimes have a tendency to “wait til tomorrow” to get things done and somehow, it ends up to be the night before it’s due and I get so stressed out, which isn’t good for anything or anyone. If I do my homework early and study days before, everything will fit in where it’s supposed to, including my workouts, and I will be happy =)

Based on my behavior, you’d never know that I’m obsessed with yoga. I hardly ever find the time to take yoga anymore but I’m mentally and physically craving it. I’ve tried yoga tapes at home before, but I’m such an antsy person that I get distracted and restless and end up doing something more physically exerting. Going to an actual yoga class focuses my attention and forces me to pay attention, not only to the instructor, but to myself. Plus, from the increase in bike distance, my hip flexors are outrageously tight. Yoga once a week would be a good start for me (and my schedule). 

Don’t Stress
I know, I know, it sounds really stupid, because stress is sometimes inevitable. But I have a tendency to let one small ripple in things cause the biggest wave in every other facet of my life. In an attempt to save what’s left of my sanity, I’m going to try really hard to take things as they come, acknowledge them as an opportunity to learn and grow, and continue to move forward instead of letting it ruin everything.

Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize.
There was once a time in which I would skip a workout in order to hang out with friends or whatever the case may be. But that’s not who I am. I love my workouts, I love how I feel during them and after them. The way I feel when I skip a workout? Not so great. What’s even more motivating is: 1) Vegas in October. 2) Triathlon in October. 3) Half Marathon in spring. My workouts are crucial to #’s 2 & 3 and important if I don’t want to feel gross in Vegas come October. As of recently, I’ve been doing a good job of making sure that if I have a workout scheduled, I need to go to make sure that it gets done before anything else. I would say that school comes before my workouts, but that just means that if something school-related comes up, I need to work my schedule around it and either workout first thing in the morning (see my first goal, eeeek!) or later at night. 

Long story short, food and I need to continue to build a balanced, happy relationship with each other. So far, the best way for me and food to get there, is for me to keep track of what I eat. Perhaps I will start to post some meals from my week on here to help me keep track. We shall see!

Take More Pictures!
There was a point in my life in which I was certain I would be a professional photographer. Now, that isn’t the case at all and all of the photographs that I took and was am proud of, sit in a box in my basement at home. I really, really, really want to get back to my photographer self.

Finish scrapbooking my trip to Australia!

Things I would like to continue to do throughout September:
I have been kicking absolute ass in the weight room and feeling fan-fucking-tastic about my weight workouts and have been making it a point to get these workouts in 3 times a week. One of my jobs starts up again next weekend. This eliminates the weight room from at least Friday and Saturday, but realistically, it eliminates it from Sunday too, meaning that I will HAVE to squeeze in a weights workout 3x’s a week between Monday and Thursday. The lack of an access to cardio machines will mean that I will have to run outside 2x’s out of Friday-Sunday which is fine. Just some fine-tuning in the scheduling department over here and we’ll be good to go for the rest of September!!!!

Tonight, Yessenia and Mayra came over and we baked some cinnamon rolls!
I’ll post the recipe tomorrow along with a recap of today’s workout and hopefully an outline of one of my weights workouts I’ve been doing.

No class tomorrow, Labor Day! woooo!!

Too bad I have to study =(

What are you doing with your day off? 

Best trip/vacation you ever went on? Mine was by far Australia! Take me back!


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