I set my alarm for 6am this morning and even made Stephen call me on his way to work (5:45am) to make sure that I got up this morning to run.

Of course, I could not fall asleep last night. My apartment was making all sorts of weird noises and I was so restless. Then I was freezing. Then I was hot. Just one of those nights..

Needless to say, when I watched the clock strike 1am, I dreaded my early morning wake up call. *somehow* my phone ended up on silent, and *somehow* my alarm got snoozed until 7… and *somehow* I didn’t manage to run this morning. However, being the smart cookie that I am, I found a way around feeling guilty for sucking and skipping my early morning run: skip class on go on a late-morning run. Morning is still morning, right?

The training schedule calls for 3 miles today. I’m pumped to get this run done, quick and dirty style. Out 1.5, back in 1.5, done and done.

I’ll probably end up at the gym later, as I don’t think my body (or mind) will understand why I only worked out for 30 minutes on a non-rest day. Although my muscles will thank me for not lifting today.

Later tonight I will post my new lifting agenda. Get exciiited =)

3 miles run, and GO! (but don’t tell my mom I skipped class..)


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