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I am pretty sure that Im supposed to be doing my Spanish homework right now, but I thought Id bust out a quick post about something that was in my dream– someone told me that i looked thinner.

quick background to catch you guys up:

My lovely older sister Mayra aka Mai (also on this blog) is 5 feet and 2.5 inches*– Mai, correct me if I am wrong. She is always out somewhere, and by out, I mean she is never home on school breaks or summer (she works in WI in the summer). What IS that?

Well, thats pretty cool, but it sucks for me sometimes. Not only do I miss her, but NO ONE in my family ever gets a chance to see her. When Mai is around its like a once in a lifetime event– no offense Mai. Ha. i promise ill get to the fitness-y part soon, bare with me. 

Anyways, every time the “once in a lifetime event” happens and my immediate family/extended family gets to see her, someone always comments like this, it is a given, it never fails, someone always says something along these lines– in Spanish of course, “Mayra you look skinny”, “Mayra did you lose weight”, “Mayra, did they not feed you at camp?”

Usually, I laugh because either Mai has already told me she gained 5lbs at camp or because I feel like no matter what, someone will ALWAYS say something. There are no hard feelings there; it’s just to routine that it cracks me up.

the point:

Both Mai and I have had our ups & downs in weight and fitness level**. The funny thing is that they’ve fluctuated at similar times. Sometimes its been to opposite sides and sometimes to the same side. Remember the late high school years Mai? 

No one in my family had ever told me that I look thinner. It could be because my boobs*** have stayed the same size since I was 16 or because I tend to stick around my family a lot more and they don’t have time to notice the difference. Maybe I carry my weight differently, i don’t know, but since my junior year of high school i have lost almost 20lbs and no once has noticed. I guess thats okay because although the fitness was intentional, getting the weight off never was.

The weight loss started when I no longer felt the desire to binge drink. Then, I was what my mom would call, “in love” . It was a phase when I lost my appetite because i was on “cloud nine”. bahaha. Then, sophomore year of college i came upon running (read about it here). As a result, healthily and over 4 years I have lost about 20 lbs. And it doesn’t bother me that not people don’t notice because: I see it, I feel it, and most importantly it didn’t happen for people to notice. It came as and overflow of the newness that was inside me.

So, I love my 148 pound self. And, I love the journey from 168 to right now (sitting at Espresso) because it tells a story and if my life  isn’t telling a story of encouragement and of my King… then, i want nothing to do with it. ****

i love you all, really, i do.






* I am 5 feet 7 inches

**Refer to the pictures

***Excuse the mental picture

****This post is NOT intended to belittle people noticing Mai’s weight loss. Her journey is beautiful.


6 thoughts on “there to here

  1. love this post!!!!
    Both of your weight-loss journeys are beautiful because you are both HEALTHIER now. =)
    My extended family always, always, always tells me that I look like I have gained weight. This gets old rather quickly, especially when I’m LOSING weight and darn proud of it. I just say “no” and cuss them out in my head and give them the stink-eye for the rest of the night. 😉
    I think you look fantastic =) you also hold your weight a lot differently than both Mayra and I (I think it’s because you’re tall!) and your weight is more evenly distributed over your body, which, if you ask me- is great. The plus side to all of this? 1) no one’s ever told you you’ve gained weight & 2) even if you do gain weight, you can probably get away with it for a long time because of your height (and boobs- sorry- had to! haha)
    love you ❤

  2. Hey there! I’m new to your blog, but can totally relate to how frustrating it feels when those close to you don’t notice your weight loss… I think it’s common when they see you a lot, and when it’s done in a healthy way. (a.k.a. gradually) I think you have a great outlook, knowing that the weight loss is making you feel better, and that’s really what matters anyway!

    Congrats! 🙂

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