I smell & my bike broke.

It’s that time of year again- where the new-ness of the school year has died down and I’m already “over it” (as those of you who know me are ever-so familiar with me saying). Just a quick complaint (and I will try my hardest to never complain about it on here again) I am sick of staring at my Biomechanics book and lecture notes and plugging numbers into my calculator, and still having absolutely NO idea what is going on in that class. (Right, Mayra?!)

Ok, aaand done!

On a more exciting note– I woke up early and worked out before class for the second day in a row!!
Hooray for my September goals!  I promise I will post the workout sometime this weekend!

Pro: I am done with my workout and have the rest of the day ahead of me to do other things on my To-Do list!
Con: I almost fell asleep during class this morning…more-so than usual.
Con for others: I look (and probably smell) like a hot mess for the rest of the day.

Oh, and this is what happened to my bike on the way home from class this morning:

I had to show you guys the picture because I don’t even know how to describe that in words. Thank god it happened as I was turning into my apartment’s parking lot. I literally was so confused that I called my dad and just started laughing hysterically into the phone. He was like: “can you send me a picture, I don’t understand what you’re saying?” So I send him that picture and he calls me back and goes “yeah, good thing it happened when you were close to home, or you would have- as you would say- eat shit!” hahaha so funny. and so true! Like what is that?  This also poses some interesting problems for my triathlon in less than a month…
I don’t have the time or patience to even pretend like I can fix that. But I do have a tool box!! Sometimes used for non-fixing purposes, such as opening beer bottles:

This weekend marks the start of job numero uno for the year. Program Director at the Pleasant Dale Park District near my home town (Brookfield, IL-represent! haha) Which means every Thursday for the next 6 weeks, I will hop on a bus for about 3 hours and go home for the weekend and teach lots and lots of tumbling until Sunday, when I hop back on a bus for 3 hours and head back to school. I absolutely love love love that job, but the traveling and chaos makes for lots of time-crunches and a hectic-schedule that I have to meticulously map out. Whether I do that because I actually need to or because it helps keep me semi-sane, who knows.

What I do know is that I get to see these guys!!!!

They warm my heart ❤

I also get to see this guy, who also warms my heart, but he has some serious competition in the adorable department  😉

(Brisbane, Australia- Story Bridge in the background!!)

I still need to post my weight-lifting workout
and I have some recipes to share with you guys!


Anything fun planned for the weekend?
Do you have any pets? Do you love them as if they were your own children? (or is that just me!?)


6 thoughts on “I smell & my bike broke.

    • are you commenting through twitter? I am confused.

      I bought that hoodie @ h&m and i’m pretty sure mayra was with me when I bought it, haha. I have one in lime green too. OBSESSED. and thank you =)

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