The Weekender.

After work on Friday, Stephen and I went out for Sushi. We don’t normally celebrate “month-aversaries”, but it just so happened it was the 9th of the month and also the first time I was seeing him in two weeks (I know, I know, laugh all you want, we’re ridiculous, haha) so we went out for Sushi! It was his first time having Sushi so I got to be the expert and order errrrrythang! =)

I don’t like cream cheese with my Sushi so we got some rolls sans cream cheese and some Yellowfin Sashimi. Everything was so delicious and Stephen loved it! We’ll definitely be going out for Sushi more often now =)

This is what work looks like on Saturday mornings for the tumblers! Work was fantastic this weekend! Mostly because the kids think I’m scary and are afraid of me so they behave. Come next weekend when they figure out I can’t actually yell at them or punish them, they run WILD! But this weekend was great. Fingers crossed it stays this way!! So much easier to teach when the kids are actually listening!

The constant insanity of my schedule and the chaos of coming home every weekend consistently throws a wrench into my workouts and eating for the weekend. It’s tough. But I need to get it together. Yesterday, I had a 3 mile run scheduled and I recruited my dad as my workout buddy for the day! =) He rode his bike while I ran. It was fun to spend time together and mostly be outside just hanging out. It was a good run but I was dehydrated so my calves were cramping after the first mile, but I pushed through it. We finished the 3 miles in 29:55 which is a lot slower than this past week has been, but I’m not complaining =)

I went shopping with my Mom yesterday for clothes for Vegas. I’m a terrible shopper and dread shopping, so I knew I wanted to keep it short. I needed a good pair of jeans (just in general) and I wanted to find at least one shirt I could wear in Vegas, so that was the game plan. And there was success!!!!

Shopping usually depresses me. I’m reminded of how unconventional my body is (no, really, it is) and in a non-clothing-friendly way. I’m Puerto Rican & Mexican. This means a J.Lo booty, and I’m not kidding. I’m damn proud of the junk in my trunk, but the Jeans at Express are not. Even the “curvy-fit Eva Jeans” weren’t really working for me. I can’t complain toooo much, though. I am in between sizes right now, where one size is a little too big and the other size is just a liiiiitle too small, so it makes trying on Jeans a liiiittle frustrating right now. I gave the Gap a whirl, for the first time ever. (Mayra should be The Gap’s spokes person. 🙂 Seriously.) And you know what? I found a pair that worked for me! Granted, I still need to get about 6 inches hemmed off the bottom (and they are the “short” jeans too…) but the smaller of the two sizes I am between right now fit me =) haha so that’s always some instant gratification. I found not one, not two, but THREE tops that I liked. One was from The Gap, and the other two were from The Limited.

It’s a terrible picture and you can’t really see the jeans, but they’re there!! I love my polka dot shirt =)

Later last night, Stephen and I met his friend at Rivers Casino. hahah I had never been to a casino before so I was super intimidated and nervous for some reason. But it was really fun!! I went in willing to blow 20$, and that is exactly what I did. No beginner’s luck was happenin’ last night. The boys on the other hand? Stephen was about $100-something and his friend won about $300something. Can’t the girl with college-loans to the ceiling get a little help over here!!!?? haha 😉

This morning I made French Toast for him. We only have white bread in the house (don’t get me started on my parents’ eating habits) so I made myself an egg omelet with red and green bell peppers and some onions. Stephen’s french toast looked and smelled pretty darn delicious, if I do say so myself! He finished it in like 2.5 seconds so I think he liked it too! 

It’s the first Sunday of the NFL season…so the men in my life (& Bowzer) are in the living room glued to the TV.

 Life is tough.


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