I don’t know what my problem is, but I just been feeling “blah” these past two days.

Yesterday, I busted my ass on my homework and got nowhere. Like literally,  I could not figure out one single answer to anything. I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to get a head-start on my day and by 1pm, I felt defeated and useless.

Then I had a terrible workout, which only made me feel even worse- which sucks, because I always feel like a million bucks after my workouts.

I went to bed early last night because that day just needed to be over. But I woke up this morning feeling the same way! I just wasn’t excited about anything today.

I wish I could say I was PMS-ing, but I’m not. (As far as I know?)

I have no motivation to do any of the rest of my homework tonight. I just want to go to bed and wake up feeling like my normal self.

Maybe I just have full-blown senioritis.
I am so ready to graduate and move on to bigger and better things.
The University of Illinois is not a real place. It’s just not real. As much as I appreciate it’s prestige and the weight that my diploma (aka the most expensive piece of paper I will ever buy) will pull once I apply for a full-time job, I now feel as if being here is holding me back. The rest of the world is waiting for me to get out there and play work hard.
244 days.

Do you ever have “blah” days? Or “blah” weeks? What do you do to get yourself out of the funk?


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