i am my own WebMD

It is good to be back.

In high school, i was super prone to migraines and by super prone, i mean i would get them twice a month without fail. Every time i had one, I felt like i was dying. That might be a little bit of an over statement, but that’s what it felt like. I always vomited. Anything louder than a pin drop or anything brighter than a shadow or anything that moved faster than growing grass, was my worst enemy. My body’s temperature regulating mechanism went crazy and I had hot and cold flashes like no other. Finally, i was completely convinced that a knife was stuck right between my eyebrows.

I had them so often that my family physician contacted the school nurse and recommended that she send me home every time i had one– no questions asked. The only condition was that i couldn’t drive home. That condition was for my own safety because i physically could NOT drive.

All these terrible symptoms and body reactions you would think modern medicine helped, but NOPE. I had preventative migraine medicine and i had migraine pills for when i was experiencing one, but the only thing that worked was (this sounds bad) throwing up and taking a 3 hour nap.

This relates to me now because I was migraine free for months, maybe even a year.* Notice i wrote “was”. I got a migraine Monday evening.

Since I had gotten migraines so often as a teenager, my doctor recommended i document each time i had one and to list what could’ve provoked the migraine.

this is what i found always preceedes my migraines:

  • eating white/bleached bread & sugar
  • lack of sleep
  • eating lots of junk food, but no actual meal (substance)
  • eating lots of candy
  • lack of coffee (this only applies to my last migraine, i didn’t really drink coffee in high school)
This weekend I went home. If I got any sleep it was restless. I ate wings and fries at 11pm Friday night. I had crepes and maple syrup for breakfast on Saturday with no real lunch. For dinner, I had some sketch chicken patty on white bread**. Once I got home, i think i ate half a bag of Cheetos puffs with Adriel and Manny, some raspberry sherbet, and Im pretty sure I had 6 lemon cookies. Sunday, I had cereal for breakfast and for lunch i had a panzorotto(?) made with WHITE BREAD–  i was cooking up a good migraine without thinking about it. For dinner, italian beef on WHITE BREAD. The next day (monday) I didn’t have coffee. That was the straw that broke the camels back!

Along came monday night and so did the little lights in the corner of my eye, hazy vision and weird feeling that always signals that a migraine is coming. I mean at least it warns me right? Since it has been so long since i’ve had one, I kinda panicked, I went into my medicine bin thing and searched for my migraine pills. Of course, both packets i had were expired (Jan 2009 and Jan 2011– yikes).

I resorted to Excedrine Migraine and Ibuprofen, and tried to nap. The nap and the pills failed epically. To my objection, my body still vomited and I resolved that i had to go to work. So, i iced my forehead (where the imaginary but oh so real knife is located) and somehow managed to work at the desk for two hours.

The thing about my migraines is that they last like 4 hours– hence, 1 hr of of stubbornness and the finally accepting that I have a migraine and 3hrs of nap time. By the time i finished working at 930 PM, my migraine had faded to a dull pain (headache). Do i decided to continue my courage and do some homework and take a picture to capture the day.

Ha. I dont look all too shabby after my first migraine in some time. (Plus, no sleep & no coffee) Check out my hair though… so fly.

The whole point of my migraine medical history and the moral of the self-diagnosis story, is that I gave myself a migraine. Yeah, it is hard eating healthy at home (another topic for another post) and yeah, this weekend was a little bit inconvenient to my sleep in more ways than one, but my body doesn’t take a break it still responds to what i put in it.

In high school, I got migraines all the time because I ate like crap –i didn’t like salad or vegetables until college. At school, I always have more options for my meals/snacks. My first two years in the dorms/dining halls opened my eyes to the wonders of vegetables like chickpeas, zucchini, mushrooms and edamame ❤ and healthier foods like hummus etc. etc. Now that I cook for myself, i choose what I eat. Going home this weekend put me and my body in a tough position (again, in more ways than one).

Sad to say, my body lost the battle this weekend and I paid the price with a nasty migraine, but I did learn my lesson… coffee + sleep+ healthy food= happy body.

Here is a picture of me the birthday boy/ my best friend this weekend

Happily without a migraine,


*The trade off is that now I have debilitating menstrual cramps, but thats a story for a different day

** I never eat white bread. Whole grain or wheat for me pleeeeaaaase!


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