Hello, remember me?! Good, I know it’s been approximately 64 years since I’ve posted on here but I’m back. [I enjoy exaggerating, btw.]

I went to the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) today; for the first time since May!  Since I live closer to Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE, another rec center located in Urbana) I go there on a weekly basis and skip driving or biking all the way to the greatness that is the ARC.  So yeah, it was glorious running there, 3 miles in way under 30 minutes. Whilst running I made the decision that every Wednesday after observing at Robeson Elementary, my class and a quick hangout sesh with Morgan (a dear friend of mine) I will either run outside or run/lift at the ARC. (I need to schedule my workouts very precisely or else I will struggle to get them done). I’m excited for this weekly occurrence.

Today also marks the first time I’ve ran since last Tuesday. YIKES! But hey, it’s okay it’s not like I didn’t do anything else…I just didn’t run.

Every Tuesday and Thursday now you will find me not running for mileage but running my little heart out playing the best game ever invented, basketball. Last spring I started playing with some faculty and students of the university every Sunday. This Fall it has extended to Tuesdays and Thursdays as well. I LOVE it, if you know me you know that. 3 days a week of intense cardio and a game I’m passionate about. It’s great. Running up and down the court for 40 full minutes playing 3 on 3 games (depending on how many ladies show). Bahhhhh! Can’t wait for tomorrow to pick up a ball again. Yessenia will be joining me tomorrow so that is also exciting. So yeah playing basketball is a great addition to running and a spice in my training.

This weekend I was reunited with these beautiful people. Two of them have been my campers for 2 summers, the other one is my beloved friend Tristin. Side note: Megan, the one on the very left runs cross-country and she probably doesn’t know how much she inspires me to run, but she does. I sometimes text her after my runs or lack there of and it’s really encouraging.


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