from my couch

My rest days are Mondays, by Tuesday i am pumped up and ready to go hit the pavement, the court or the gym. Pretty much, Tuesdays are my big workout days– I run and play a good hour of full court 3 on 3 basketball. Pretty much my lungs hurt after Tuesdays. HA

Right now it is 11am Tuesday morning and where am I?.. on my couch.

I am on my couch because I have terrible 1st day period cramps, hot and cold flashes, nausea, and back pain. I am fighting the little ounce of guilt that comes up that says, “should’ve worked out today”. I subconsciously push that thought away when another what seems like a contraction comes my way and am reminded that I am physically incapable of walking up stairs much less run or execute pick-and-roll (which i discovered at  last Thursday’s pick up game, I am really good at)

I know Teen, talks about rest days all the time and this is just me backing her up!

Some days you just cant workout. I had my appointment with the track and with the court today but I had to raincheck and thats okay. I will not throw my life into a down-spiral by feeling guilty or eating my lack of work-out away.

Yes, I am on the couch, wincing about every 5 min, but my lifestyle is still my lifestyle. I still want to eat healthy because it makes my body feel better. Therefore, i can be a more effective lover or people —by being less cranky and less irritable — and be more effective with my time because i am less tired. Because it is a choice I make and one missed workout will not cause my plan to disintegrate. Tomorrow, I will just pick up where I left off, because life never goes as planned but it is up to me on how I react.

I choose to react with peace, with poise, with purposefulness instead of guilt, regret and panic.

love you all,


p.s. i dyed my hair darker; here is a picture:


4 thoughts on “from my couch

  1. i’m taking the day off today, too.
    I’m getting sick and it’s hitting me like a TON OF BRICKS right now.
    I’d like to think that i’d be able to beast through a workout later but i know my body is asking me to sit still. so after class is done at 5, that is exactly what I am going to do =)
    hope you feel bettter!!!

  2. Teen. I think i am waking up early tomorrow to either run outside or be at the ARC at 630-645ish. If you feel better, see you there?

    It sucks thats your getting sick. Hopefully you’re not getting to the point of, “im fin’d” hahaha. Feel better!

    Isabelle, thanks for the encouragement. It helps!

    love love love,

    • not at the point of “i’m fin’d” just yet, however i’m at the point of wheezing in my lungs and a fever! not sure which is worse. Unless some miraculous healing happens over night, i probably won’t see you tomorrow morning =(

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