I think my thoughts drive me.


I finally woke up and ran before class. I attribute some of the motivation to watching the Biggest Loser last night and the rest i attribute to the fact that I got less sleep than i wanted to and did NOT want to be super tired and cranky alllllllllll day.  Hence, I decided to start my day off right with a therapeutic run.I say therapuetic because if you were in my head last night, you’d think i was crazy. My thoughts ranged from weddings to prisoners.. yeah, i know.

Because I had gotten less rest than i had hoped for, i decided to not map my run beforehand and just run to wherever my feet took me. That helped me a ton because I could process things inside my head instead of anticipating the next turn. I also didn’t decide beforehand if i was going to jog it or run it. Pretty much, I planned to not plan!

Anyway, I ended up running 3.5 miles in 30 min. (see below) WHAT?!?  Unexpected, but l will take it, I will certainly take it.
The speed times on the chart are not my actual times for each mile. I had to adjust the pace so my “end time” would match up with the milage.

This is my hypothesis on why I ran it so fast:

A.) I started out with a fast mile because,

1. i was excited to be up early enough for there to be mist/fog outside

2. i was NOT paying attention to the time or my pace because i was busy thinking about the topics of the night before aka. weddings-prisoners

B.) When there was a break in my thoughts i realized that i had been running for 12 min. so i should probably slow down if i wanted to make it back so i slowed down. BUT then, some hills came into my route so naturally, i sped up my pace and starting thinking again and forgot to slow down.

C.)I ended up slowing down when i hit all the smog from the factories and starting thinking that breathing in the toxins was probably a bad idea to do whilst running.

D.)Since I hadn’t mapped my run i just decided to run from 30 min and i reached my apt. at 28min. I ran a little further; since i always like to end a run with a final sprint (thanks to Stark– my high school Atheltic P.E. teacher), i ended up sprinting for almost the last 2min.

So all those factors put together brought me to 3.5 miles in 30 min.*

I wanted to stop when i had pausing in between my thoughts or  when caught a glance of my watch but thoughts like the one below kept me going

Also a little side-note. I got new x-training shoes. Take a lookie… and i love new colorful socks! Thanks Mayra!

I hate that its going to get cold soon.. Yet, another excuse ill try to make!

I’m jealous if any of you live in 2season weather areas. Sigh, oh Oregon ❤


Yessenia Carrera

*Good thing im doing the KSA 5k in October. I think Im going to make my goal time for that under 27min. 


One thought on “I think my thoughts drive me.

  1. Isn’t getting your workouts done in the morning wonderful!? I love it now! Plus, lifting at the arc when no one is there is also fabulous.
    Also, you are a speed demon. My and my short, little legs envy your long and speedy ones!

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