that runner

I saw several fellow runners out on the streets this beautiful September afternoon. They were an encouragement to me on my 3 mile run (that turned out to be only 2.8 miles instead).

I remember when I visited this university years ago and when I arrived as a freshman. I recall pointing to the people running up and down Lincoln Ave, as we drove to move me in at LAR. I turned to Yessenia, referring to those runners and saying “that’s going to be me.” I was motivated by those runners as a broken and lost incoming freshman wanting to grasp the whole world at once, but…my brokenness bashed that motivated into the ground as I realized, only hours after that comment told to my sister, I was in a whole different world, alone.

Because of God’s grace, loving, and kindness 4 years later I was THAT RUNNER. I was running, I became a runner.

So as I passed those people that I aspired to be I smiled. Now I was part of the running community. I’m a runner. Even if it’s a 2.8 mile jog around the neighborhood.

I wonder if when people see me run they think “that’s gonna be me.”



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