I am feeling 100x’s better than yesterday and the day before!! I’m not 100% back to health, but compared to how awful I was feeling, I feel SO much better.
My first instinct was to run today, but I knew that would just be bad news. 1) I’m NOT all better so I feel like running would have just made me worse & 2) the mental game of knowing I would have had a “bad run” today would probably have been discouraging. So no workout for me today.

I realized today that running, working out, lifting weights, etc etc is my “thing.” And it’s kind of always something I’ve thought about. Is my interest in healthy eating and living some sort of phase in my life that will pass or will I always be this passionate about working out and eating right?

After being out of commission for a good few days, I realized that working out is a part of who I am, it’s a part of my life. I saw people running today and was genuinely jealous that they were running and I was not. I wanna be running too!!!

I also haven’t been keeping track of what I’ve been eating while I was sick because preparing food and measuring things just was not going to happen. I could barely stand up without wanting to pass out (thank you fever over 100!) so I found myself eating more canned soup than anything and also elbow deep in a bag of Salt and Vinegar chips, and you know what? I don’t even care. I was sick, felt like absolute crap, and I don’t eat chips on a daily basis, not even on a WEEKLY basis, so I bought some damn chips and I ate them and I am damn happy that I did. They are DELICIOUS! 🙂

However, now more than ever, I am ITCHING to get my gym shoes on and hit the pavement and the gym. I’m going to take this weekend slow and maybe head out for a short jog and see how I’m feeling and by Monday, I plan on lifting again and I absolutely cannot wait!!

The triathlon is in 10 days!!!


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