Hyperventilatory Breast Strokes.

(swimming. get your mind out of the gutter ;))

I love fall! I wish Chicago looked remotely this beautiful in fall, but it doesn’t =( October is definitely one of my favorite months.

I literally feel like I just wrote my goals for September!
And since October is this weekend (what?!) that means it’s time to see how I did during September and make new goals for October!

First, I’ll rewind to the beginning of this week.
Monday I got an amazing workout in.
I biked 10 miles on the bike (2/3 of Sunday’s race) in less than 35minutes. The stationary bike is extremely uncomfortable for me since I’m little and I feel like the bikes are built for regular-sized people, and since it’s not a spin bike, it’s far less adjustable to my needs. So I waste some time during my workouts on the bike adjusting and standing up and re-situating everything. I guess there’s not going to be a difference in the amount of times I’m going to have to pull the wedgie out of my ass on race day, so I’ll have to get used to that. Either way, I’m pretty sure I’ll make better time on Sunday. It’s been taking me an average of a little over 3 minutes for a mile. I feel like that’s pretty average, but I’ll take it for now. I feel like I can definitely finish the biking portion of the race on Sunday in less than an hour. I’m giving myself an extra 15 minutes to make up for any bumps in the road, both literally and metaphorically 😉

I ran 2 miles in less than 18 minutes which is exceptionally fast for me. It was the first time during one of my brick work outs that I actually felt how tight my legs were after biking and before running. I also know that I started my run WAY too quickly. On Sunday, I need to remember to start slow so that I can finish strong.  I always forget to ease into my runs. MUST REMEMBER FOR SUNDAY! I hope to finish the run in less than 30 minutes. If it were just a 5k without any events previous to it, I’d say that I’d run it in less than 27minutes, but I’m going to shoot for 30-35 minutes in case my legs and/or lungs collapse. 😉

After the run, I lifted some lower body but decided to not go balls-to-the-wall like usual. I started to feel strain in my knees when I was doing my squats and decided to take it down a notch. An overwhelming fear of injuring myself and not being able to race this weekend made me so nervous. So I took it a bit easy.

THEN, I swam. I’m still an awful swimmer. I still have absolutely no idea how to control my breathing and I have no idea what to do when I can’t catch my breath but to switch strokes and breast stroke until I can breath normally. Hyperventilating and swimming do not go hand in hand. I tried slowing down- all this means is that I breath less frequently and doesn’t help me at all. I tried speed up, this helps at first because I get to my fourth stroke quicker and can breath more frequently, but the greater energy expenditure makes me want more air. I tried breathing on every other stroke, but that also requires a lot of energy. I tried breathing every three strokes, but this means that I have to breath on my right side too- and I can’t seem to do that without swallowing water and nearly drowning. So, I suck at swimming.
However, I swam a 600 in less than 15 minutes. The race distance is 300 meters. Considering we have to share a pool with 600+ other people, I’m aiming for 15 minutes for the 300.

That brings us to a total of 15min+60min+35min= 1 hour and 50 minutes, excluding transition times.
I’m going to estimate a total of 10 minutes for transition times, as a whole.
That brings us to two hours.
My goal is to finish this damn thing in less than 2 hours.
And I think I can do it =)

I am beyond excited!!!!

My hips are ridiculously tight today, so I think I’m going to hit up some yoga tonight.
Usually, I would be lifting lower body again today, but I don’t think it’s wise since Sunday is soclose!
Instead, I’m going to bike and do the elliptical (I want to run!!! but my hips need a break.) and
do a back workout.

I’ll be back later with my September check in and October Goals!


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