Here were my goals for September:
Workout before class at least once a week: check!
Stick to the schedule: check! (except for when I got sick.)
Yoga/Stretch: still working on it.
Don’t Stress: Check! (for the most part.)
Prioritize: Check!
Food: getting better.
Take More Pictures: working on it.
Scrapbook: working on it.

It’s hard for me to find time to do Yoga because my rest-days are always over the weekend when I’m not on campus, however, yoga takes place at school. So in order for me to take a yoga class, I have to pull a two-a-day with running/weights (most likely) in the morning and then Yoga at night. I’m going, no matter what, to Yoga next week (after the Triathlon) because it’s through Yoga Club and it’s FREE!

Don’t stress: I will always “stress” about my future plans and things like that, but that kind of stress motivates me to no end. I like making plans for my future (traveling plans, graduation plans, Masters Program plans, etc etc). The kind of stress that I want nothing to do with is the kind of stress that I find absolutely pointless and ridiculous. However, this is only my opinion. I think it is stupid so worry yourself sick about an exam that you know you’ve already studied your best for. I had two biomechanics exams this past week and I SUCK at biomechanics. But you know what? I studied as most as I could, and I didn’t know one single thing on the exam. I literally probably got a ZERO on that baby, and guess what? I walked out of there laughing because what could I do at that point? NOTHING. And one year from now, I won’t even remember that stupid, pointless, irrelevant exam, so I do not give a damn. School does not define me. I wish more people knew that about themselves too.

Prioritize: no explanation needed, I’m just getting really damn good at knowing what needs to be done when and getting it done! School work and workouts included!

Food: Okay, so I ate a lot some chips in September. But I’m okay with that! Which is what I think is most important. I know that I have goals in mind, but I also didn’t let myself feel guilty or awful or go and have some crazy workout to “make up” for the “bad” food that I ate. And I think that is some major progress! I also didn’t throw the tub out with the bathwater (what’s that saying?) and just because I ate some chips I didn’t eat like crap the rest of the day.

Take more pictures: My point and shoot camera died on me in Australia. This is going to continue to be tricky until I get another point and shoot- which will be tricky until I get money- which you think since I have three jobs wouldn’t be so tricky- ah, but it is.

Scrapbook: I think I found time to scrapbook like twice in the entire month of September. I just need to finish Australia so I don’t fall too far behind with anything else!!!!

Okay! So enough re-capping, here are my goals for October!

Run: Increase my milage so that I can kick ass in the Canal Connection 10k in November. I haven’t been running any sort of distance since I’ve just been trying to train for this 5K leg of the race on Sunday. So my body is comfortably running 3 miles. So in roughly 4 weeks, I  need to double my mileage. My plan of action for this is to add about .5 miles a week and running 4x’s a week with one long run, one shorter recovery run, one interval run, and one hill run. This will also be the pre-cursor, prep stages of getting ready for intense training for the half-marathon in April!!!

Lift: Continue to lift 3-4 times a week. Big, heavy, real weights. None of this 2-5 pound crap I see all of the time. One of my life goals is to change the way women lift all over America. But that’s a different post..

-Continue to get to the gym early at least once a week.

Food: make one new recipe a week! Continue to try and work towards having a better relationship with food. I am so proud of myself for not hating myself for eating chips. Do I want to eat an entire bag of chips every day? Not at all!! I don’t even want to do that once a week. But sometimes, hormonally speaking, it is almost necessary. Some women crave chocolate (I really do not like chocolate at all), other women crave salt and vinegar chips. To each their own. They say to remember 90/10. 90% of the time, eat whole, clean, foods. 10% of the time, enjoy yourself. And I think I do more of 95/5. Do I want to increase that to 10% of the time I enjoy myself? Nope. I naturally crave real, whole, clean foods. So I think I’m doing okay =)

Progress: Quick update from last month!! I weighed myself and looked back at what I weighed in August. According to the scale, I lost and then gained weight since late August. However, according to my measurements, I have lost a few inches here and there. Yet another reason why I hate my scale. For October, I really want to get to the gym and get my body fat measured. My gym holds a body fat assessment the first Wednesday of every month, so it’s a perfect goal for the beginning of October. The last time I had my body fat measured was last October when I was an Intern at a gym and they had their own special scale that did all sorts of fancy things. So it’ll be interesting to see if anything has changed in a year! =)

Yoga: Go to Yoga Club at least 3 times this month! They only hold sessions once a week, so three times is going once a week and giving myself one week off in case something comes up.

Continue: Don’t stress, prioritize, prioritize, prioritize, try to find time to scrapbook, try to take more pictures (October is going to be an insanely fun month for me!!!!! Triathlon, Vegas, Megan’s 22nd birthday, apple picking, pumpkin carving, and Halloween festivities!!!! I HAVE to take more pictures!!!)

October is going to be fantastic!
What are your goals for October?


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