I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Nike would be so proud.
just do it?
Just did it, home boy.

I’m STILL on my buzz from finishing my first sprint triathlon.
Something that, a few weeks ago, seemed not only daunting, but close to impossible.
But, if you know me at all, nothing is impossible in my life- I make sure of it.
A few weeks ago, I signed up for this triathlon without one second of training.
I jumped back into the pool to swim laps for the first time in well over a decade.
I woke up before 6am on multiple occasions and did my brick workouts.
I spent 3+ hours at the gym, sometimes split up into multiple times a day, and pushed my self mentally and physically.

Saturday night rolled around and I had butterflies the size of boulders in my stomach. I was nervous. I was excited.

5:30am Sunday morning rolled around and we were up and at ’em.
Coffee. Breakfast. Water water water.
We rode our bikes to the transition area, set up, and got into the pool area where we found we had to wait way over an hour before we jumped into the pool. Although we were standing there for 1 hour+, it felt like nothing. Hundreds of people were jumping into the pool and doing their thing. I was so motivated. I was so inspired.

I was the last person in the pool. I passed more than 5 people while swimming. I swallowed so much water when I jumped in that I HAD to to breast-stroke in order to not drown. I was too hyped up to control my breathing enough to switch to free-style so I breast-stroked my way ahead of as many people as I could.

Booked it into the locker room, changed, and met up with Stephen at the door.

We ran to our bikes, ran them out of the parking lot to the “mount” line, got on- and rode like bats out of hell.
Since we both had mountain bikes, this is where we lost major time. We were being passed by people on triathlon bikes that were barely peddling. I was peddling a mile a minute and probably looked like a ding-bat, and was barely moving.

We weren’t allowed to have ipods, so for 14.5 glorious miles, Stephen got to listen to me talk. Lucky guy! 😉
I don’t even know what I was saying; I started to sing at some point; and I just rambled on.

I was never more excited to run in my life.
My butt cheeks were so sore, my legs felt cramped.
Each hill felt impossible. I knew that I could run up those hills so much faster and easier than riding up them. It sounds weird, but it’s true.
I just wanted to run!

Over an hour later, we returned to the transition area, put our bikes down, and started to run.

Well. Stephen started to run.
My legs did not feel like legs. I can’t explain it.
The movement of running felt rigid and glitched like I was a robot. Or like the tin-man from Wizard of Oz before he gets the oil.
I knew I needed to start slow, and my body was SO on board with that too. I didn’t have a choice but to start at a snail pace.
Little by little, my pace picked up.
It was the fastest three miles I had ever ran. Not literally, because it took us 30 minutes to complete it, but the time FLEW by.
By the time I saw the finish line, I was ready to SPRINT!!!!!



Mayra & Yessenia were the best fans ever =)
I can’t thank them enough for waking up early and coming to cheer us on and take pictures!!!
Love you both =)

Tomorrow starts training for November 6th 10k!!!


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