“Someone who is busier than you is running right now.”

My knees are none too pleased with the triathlon on Sunday.
I set out to run 4 miles yesterday, and almost instantly, my knees were hurting. Both of them.
Captain Hindsight says “you probably shouldn’t have continued running”
but my pride said, and continues to say this:

 My bright idea was to not really run today, and run again tomorrow. I meant to ice my knees after my workout today, but that didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll remember to do that later tonight after I get home.

I signed up for a 10k on November 6th. Although I’ve never actually ran in an official 10k, my leg of the Illinois Marathon Relay was a little over a 10k, so I know that my body is more than capable of doing this distance- I’m just nervous about getting my body to that distance again AND being able to maintain a kick-ass pace. I would like to finish in less than 60 minutes. For some of you, I know that is just easy-peasy, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am not built for speed.

I went to the gym with Yessenia this morning, and continued to lift weights while she ran on the track. As I caught glimpses of her running, I noticed her strides: they are soooo much longer than mine.
But that goes without saying.
She has got to be more than a foot taller than me, and if she’s not exactly a foot taller than me, she sure looks like it. My poor little legs cannot reach that far when I take my strides, it is just physically impossible, and if I tried, I would look like a complete moron (more so than usual ;))

I’m not making excuses here, because I have embraced that I am a runner, albeit a slow one, but I am a runner, dammit! But my short legs take at least twice the strides to complete the “regular” runner’s stride. When Stephen and I run together, my feet hit the ground at least twice as often as his do. This HAS to make running more difficult for shorter people than taller people- just saying. In fact, I am almost positive of it- although I wish there was a study behind that to back me up.

I don’t mind having to train more to gain speed, or whatever the case may be- in fact, I love it- obviously, or I wouldn’t be running in my free time and signing up for races.

Another thing? Treadmills. I can be running on a treadmill at 5.0 (yes, this is running for me), and the person next to me on the treadmill is running at 7.0, and our legs are essentially touching the ground at the same time- but my treadmill is telling me that I’m running a 12-minute pace, and the person next to me is running a 9-minute pace. So other than using them for hill purposes, I hate treadmills.

For this weekend, I plan to bust out a 4-mile run and ice.
I would like to think that I’ll have enough time for an interval run, but it just might not happen- in which case, Monday will be reserved for some sort of speed work + weights.

Hopefully this beautiful weather keeps up =)


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