interval i hate/love you

Yesterday was a slow day. By slow, i mean for the first time in a long time I woke up at 11am. I’m not really sure how I feel about waking up that late (actually, i know i don’t like it), but I know it was necessary. *

After waking up, eating, cleaning, doing some homework etc. etc., I did not make it to the ARC til about 330pm. I’ll be honest, every pedal to the gym was a big effort. I DID NOT want to work out.

I think thats why I hate waking up late. Not only do I miss out on “life hours”, but it takes me forever to actually “start” my day and then it gives me less time and motivation to work out!

My brain plays tricks on me… I am sure that when I sleep in, my brain and my body have a meeting and when I wake up they forget to fill me.

This is what I mean: when I want to go to the gym the least, thats when I end up working the hardest.

But, i digress; I wanted to talk about what I actually did once i made it to the gym.

I walked into the first level of the ARC and when I was about to turn to go up to the top level a new treadmill caught my eye. So, I dragged me feet over to the treadmill.

When I think treadmill, I first think death, but then, i think interval.

I would rather strike the pavement and not a band that takes me absolutely nowhere. As i hopped on the treadmill, I remember that when I first started running, it was the treadmill that allowed me to get my speed and my distance at a level that i wanted. That happened mostly because the treadmill keeps a steady pace even when my body wants to slow down.

So, i hopped onto mr.treadmill and started my interval run. It went something like this. (i don’t fully remember I kinda just went with what my body was telling me and with what i knew i should be doing)

Jog for 5min @ 6.1

Run for 2min @7.0

Jog for 4min @ 6.o

Run for 2min @7.1

Jog for 3min @6.2

Run for 1min @7.2

Jog for 4min @5.5-6.2

Speed up by .2  every minute up util i hit 7.2 (total of 5 minutes)

Jog for 2min @6.2

cool down

Looking back, the workout wasn’t necessarily hard, it was just intense. My lungs weren’t going into asthma mode or anything. My brain just knew that my body wanted to stop running, but I pushed through it.

I have not sweat that much in a long time.

Let me just say,  I am NOT a “sweater”. I mean, I sweat but in on my neck, my back and my under arms, but I usually never sweat on my face. Yesterday, sweat was dripping down my face. Little goblets of perspiration yelling “weeeeeeeeeeee” as the rolled off my face, which for some reason reminded me of Teen. haha.

Here are a few things I told myself when I wanted to stop:

Im sure some of you say these things as well.

  • The faster I run, the faster I’ll be finished
  • In life, like in running, things get harder (run) before they get easier (jog).
  • This will be worth it in the end. (this works on so many levels: life, running, Jesus)
  • I will thank myself for this run the next time I run and eventually when I run 13.1 miles.
  • Run through the end of this song and then I can look at the time.
  • Can I go faster?
  • Look straight ahead
  • I should make a new playlist.
Love you guys,

*too much work/stress this past week


One thought on “interval i hate/love you

  1. haha i like your thoughts while running. “i should make a new play list” and the rules like “after this song i can look at the time” which is exactly what I do!! most of my thoughts involves words that start with “f” and “s” haha.

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