No Moose

Our Annual Pumpkin Carving!! 10/21/11


Throw back! 10/2010

Yesterday was beautiful outside! And with my moods being all over the place with the weather lately, I knew I had to take advantage of the sunshine and my good mood, and took my run outside.

My dad, being the wonderful man that he is, came with me on his bike. I feel kind of bad when he comes with me on my runs because he has to go sooo slowww on his bike, but we both have a good time, so it’s okay. I ran sprint intervals for about 4 miles and it was amazing. Saw a few deer in the forest preserve, most of the trees still had pretty, color-changing leaves on them, and it was perfect, goldilocks-type, running weather: not too hot, not too cold.

I had 5 miles planned for today, but decided against it as I don’t want to put two mid-distance runs back to back. So I took the day off today from working out.

Tomorrow, however, it’s down to business: On the workout schedule for tomorrow is 5 miles + a bicep, tricep, and shoulder workout. I’m pretty darn excited about lifting tomorrow- it’s been a few days since I’ve lifted!

For Wednesday, I plan on going to Spin, and doing a leg workout.
Thursday: off
Friday: Run 5.5 + lift upper body
Saturday: Run sprints + hill intervals
Sunday: x-train + leg workout

I’m pretty excited to knock these workouts out for the week. I feel like I still have to make up some ground for my lack of activity last week and I’m craving some time with weights. My run yesterday left me feeling so energized that I’m itching to get back out on the pavement and hauling ass.

In the food department, I’m back to pre-Vegas ways. I went grocery shopping today and bought a TON of fruits and veggies with some recipes in mind for the week. There’s a month until Thanksgiving and  the plan is to not look or feel like a moose! Instead of having December 28th as my “deadline” to look and feel my best, I’m going to break it down into shorter segments. I feel like I work better with shorter-term deadlines, because it leaves me less wiggle room and I have to be more accountable.

Just like with my  Vegas Diet, I don’t have any specific rules or guidelines or restrictions. I know what to eat in order to feel my best, both mentally and physically. I know what to eat in order to fuel me through my workouts. I know everything that I need to do in order to get to my “goal” in ~30 days. [I have no actual “goal”- no “goal weight”, no “goal size”, I just want to feel good about myself come the Holidays!]

I felt great about myself in Vegas, and although I don’t feel terrible about myself right now, I’m just aware of the indulgences that took place that weekend, and they sort of carried through to the following week. What they say about food addiction and cravings is so real. Feed your body shitty food= it craves shitty food.   No bueno.

Today, I’m off to a great start for my month-long journey until Thanksgiving. I’m excited to see where I’ll be in 30 days and how I’ll feel.

Three exams and a quiz this week, if only I could find the motivation to study.
Graduation is so close, yet so far!! I’m so ready to be done done done!!!!!!!

On tap for tomorrow: my life plan. 

Something to read: Personal trainer purposely gains weight to prove a point.  


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