How to Almost Puke at the Gym

How to almost puke at the gym:

Drink a large coffee @ noon.
Eat 2 eggs, 2 tortillas, and 1/2 an Avocado, and salsa at 1:45pm.
Tie up shoes and head out the door to run @ 2pm with assignment to turn in, in hand.
Stop running around 2:10 to turn in assignment, realize your stomach hurts.
Drink water. Stomach still hurts.
Tell yourself to keep running.
Realize running makes your stomach hurt less.
Keep running.
Contemplate stopping at your apartment…
Have no actual reason to stop at your apartment other than dwell on the fact your stomach hurts.
Keep running.
Run past your apartment building and feel really proud that you didn’t just turn in early.
Keep running.
Run to the gym.
Get to gym and run on the track.
Stop to drink water and realize your stomach hurts really bad now.
Go to the bathroom.
Sit in the stall mentally telling yourself that you’re not going to puke.
Start lifting weights.
Get through shoulder workout.
Go back to the bathroom because you’re definitely going to puke now.
Stand in the bathroom stall…nothing.
Continue to lift weights.
Get distracted from your stomach pain because your gym crush walks by (shhh, don’t tell Stephen!)
He leaves. Stomach hurts.
Finish lifting weights.
Feel like a bad ass because you just lifted more than any of the girls there and most of the guys lifting. (so modest, I know.)
Run back to your apartment.
Sit in front of your toilet…at least it’s less embarrassing to puke in the privacy of your own home than at the gym.
Realize it’s been almost 3 hours since you ate, and your muscles need protein.
Make protein shake.
Don’t puke.


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