races, paces, and places

a 26 min 5k.

That is how fast (or slow depending on your perspective) Mayra and I ran the KSA (Kinesiology Student Association) 5K race last Sunday.

Needless to say, I will never look at the quad the same way. We pushed through two laps of the main quad and the south quad for a total of 3.1 miles and I made sure to count down to 28 min, which was our goal.

We finished two minutes under our goal. After crossing the finish line, I felt like inertia almost pushed my stomach out of my mouth because I wanted to vomit. Mayra quickly said, “keep walking” I was confused though, normally 3 miles do not make me want to vomit.

Regardless, the 5k was great and I enjoyed running it all the way through with my sister. Before the run started, this was our agreement: she would set the pace & i would push it. For some reason, I pushed the pace more that I would’ve pushed it if i was running by myself. There’s just something about running with someone.

Tomorrow, i am running the Allerton Race. It is a 5.5 mile races on a beautiful course. Oh, how i love Allerton.

The weather isn’t look too cold, but I will be rocking my tight running legging pants for the the first time ever. I HAVE NEVER WORN JUST LEGGINGS OR PANTS THIS TIGHT IN PUBLIC, so I am kinda unclear on how i will feel. Most of the time when i try on leggings i feel like i’m naked. So, lets hope that goes away.

Sorry, for that little tangent. I think i have decided that tomorrow i will NOT run for speed and that I am just going to enjoy the scenery and watch out for tree roots.

Still, these are my goals for tomorrow’s run. I hope it is warm-ish.

  • Finish in under an hour
  • Not to trip more than once
  • Properly get eject contents from my mouth and nose (mucous and phlegm); i am NOT good at this whilst running
  • Have fun
Hopefully someone will take pictures and I can post some.

One thought on “races, paces, and places

  1. I’ll try and take some pics.
    You will definitely finish in under an hour if I can run 6 in less than 60 minutes…just saying.
    blow your nose in your shirt if you have to.
    and leggings are the most comfortable thing to do anything in. I am wearing some right now =)

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