Bat-Shit Crazy.

Some of my favorite sisters ran a race this morning!
I’ll let one of them fill you in on the story, as I was just a spectator/photographer.

It was nice to be up early this morning. The sun was shining and it was great running weather.
And you know me, seeing people run inspires me. I also get a bad case of running/racing envy and always wish that I would have signed up for the race. Yes, even this morning in my mid-burnt out state wished I was running this morning. But I cheered my little butt off and took some great pictures to capture the essence of the morning!

Yesterday I didn’t work out. It was my rest day. Problems with rest days? I, more often than not, lose my mind. Like, go bat-shit crazy. Oh, could you not tell by my post yesterday?
I’m hoping that after a long, mind-clearning workout today that I can face my biomechanics material with a slightly better attitude and just study for this damn thing without wanting to cry. (Check back in with my at 10pm tonight when I will be throwing another tantrum.)

Originally, I had planned to have a long run outside today, but the weather is quickly turning–the sun is already gone and the clouds are moving in =(  so I’m going to head to the gym for some treadmill sprints and upper body. I’m not going in there with a plan today, just going to run sprints til I can’t anymore, and then I’m going to lift until I can’t anymore. That is the plan.

Wish me luck.
See you guys later!

I love this.


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