Canal Connection 10K- EDITED!

[For the record, I bought that bright pink shirt on Saturday night, the night before the race.
I had to bring all of my stuff to Stephen’s house, and being the idiot that I am, forgot to bring a shirt to run in, so I had to buy a new one. Twist my arm, right? (I love buying new running stuff!)
I was kind of scared because it was an Under Armor Running shirt which fit tighter and I’m super self conscious about looking like a fat ass moose when I run, but I really liked the material and the shirt was on sale, so I said what the hell, and bought the damn shirt!
After looking at all of my pictures from the race (courtesy of the best Dad in the world!) I was really happy to see that I didn’t think I looked like a moose at all!!]

Moving on.

For the past couple of weeks, I had been dreading this race. But this morning, Stephen’s alarm went off and I was pumped to run this race!
For the past two weeks or so, my calves have been insanely tight. No amount of fluids, stretching, strengthening, or rest has seemed to help, and this morning was no different. My calves were tight the entire car ride to the race. It was a blessing and a curse to have an almost 2 hour car ride to the race- I had enough time to mentally prepare for what might be a painful race….and, I had enough time to think about the fact that this might be a painful race.

We got our bibs, chatted with my parents for a bit, and lined up.

I said he was a great Dad, not a great photographer =P

We got to the one mile marker in less than 9 minutes. WOOPS!
Why do we always do that!?!
I knew I needed to slow down.
We got to the 2nd mile marker in less than 19 minutes.
I seriously needed to slow down! I knew it was going to catch up to me soon and I was worried.
By this point, my calves were so tight that I thought my achilles tendons were going to snap.
This is when some serious mental arguments were going down in my head.
“The voice inside your head that says you can’t do this is a liar” I kept repeating.
I almost wanted to just keep running fast so I could get it over with.
I had to pee.
“Think about your pee or your pain, but no both!”
So I shifted back and forth between both.
“Gotta pee. Ouch. Gotta pee. Ouch.”

At mile 3 there was water so I grabbed a cup, tried to drink on the run, almost choked to death, so I stopped to hydrate, for maybe 5 seconds. Kept going.
Stephen wanted to speed up but in between my pain and full bladder, I needed to hold back, especially if I was going to finish this thing.

Mile 6 seemed to come pretty quickly. But there was still .20 miles left to go.
And off we went.
I sprinted as fast as I could.
My feet were pounding the ground harder than I think they ever have..
and every.single.time. without fail, when I see that finish line, I take off.
Stephen it used to it by now and knows when it’s coming, so I can’t fool him anymore.
The bastard beat me by one stupid second today! But I finished in 60:24.  (and then immediately stuffed my face with pizza! best post-race refreshment ever!)
Those damn 24 seconds were all my fault: I had to drink water twice, and I had to be a big baby
and let my achilles get the best of me.

Edited to say: I can’t believe I forgot to check my official time on the website! The clock at the finish line read 60:24 but my actual time was 59.08!!!!!! I forgot to subtract the time it took to get to the start line. DUH! I am incredibly proud of myself. I also took 8th in my age bracket! =)

But you know what? I was so damn proud of myself. I never gave up, mentally or physically,
during this race. And I finished strong. I also did not come in last! 😉

I’m excited to be able to run whenever I want now, with no deadline or training in mind.
Just to do it, for fun.
Like reading for fun when it has nothing to do with school, ya know?

But seriously, I have the best parents in the entire world.


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