remember me?

I haven’t written in ages (mid-September) so I almost feel like I shouldn’t write at all…FEEL…but I am.

Notable things that have accorded since last posting:

  • The Biggest Loser came back into my life. Inspirational as always. I love Bob and miss Jillian, but welcome Dolvett and Anna. Don’t miss an episode…except of course last weeks in which I spent studying for an exam I just found out I failed. Let’s not talk about that.
  • I started to lift. Don’t do it often but I love when I do. It takes a chunk out of my day but I never regret it. I’m looking forward to it this week.
  • Basketball slowly started to creep in my life with open gyms and U.S. Junior Nationals Tournaments. Now it’s a daily occurrence. As you may now from reading my recently updated “About Mayra” tab I am a basketball couch for a high school, here, in Urbana. Our season started October 31st with practices 6 days a week. It’s time consuming and has already altered the routine I was so used to, but I absolutely love it. I know most of the girls that came back, there are 9 new faces, and was sad to find out some didn’t wish to return. Regardless the season is looking good. Practices give me an excuse to play basketball a lot more. Wouldn’t want to play any other sport as much as this one.

This was last season at a home game at Uni High.

  • Did a 10 Days Living Water Project through Living Water International. Meaning the only beverage I had for 10 days was water. No COFFEE, no MILK. The money I saved from purchasing such products was donated to benefit countries without clean water. It was a good cause that changed my life and I’m sure the life of many. After cleansing my system of caffeine for 10 days I’m not dying to drink it everyday. No longer am I dependent on it, but on the Lord Jesus Christ. One thing I noticed, physically, is that I ran smoother (if that’s possible) without caffeine in my body. I guess caffeine really does dehydrate muscles.
  • I surprised one of my past campers at her Cross Country meet in Naperville, IL. It was one of the most inspirational things…to see her run! I’ve told her varies times, but I don’t think she really knows who much she inspires my running as a 15 year old teenager.

Megan and I running a short race at camp this summer.

  •  I saw my friend that I worked at camp with play at DePaul. She plays D1 soccer, as a goalie, for Georgetown University and they played DePaul on October 16th so I made the drive up north so watch her team play. I love sports. Any kind. This was my first soccer game, it was exciting and look how many people went and cheered her on:

After the game! They won! Wahooo. 

  •  I got my body composition and blood pressure checked and my blood pressure lowered (not that it was high) to be “low-normal” to that one of an athlete. boooyyahhh.
  • Ran my first race of the year with my little sister, Yessenia. Kinesiology Student Association 5K. It was themed a Buddy race so she and I ran together. Time: 26:18, I believe. Whooaa. That’s fast for me. It was awesome.
  • Ran my 2nd race with my sister and some friends at Allerton Park. I loved it. Dreaded it for days ask anyone. I was so nervous, but I did well and finished in under an hour, 59:02. It was a 5.7 mile course. Best part: two of my besties cheered me on, Christina and Kaitlyn. Seeing them (and having Yessenia run with me to the end) was so moving. I’m glad it’s over though. Training will subside for a while. Now I will run for fun, no pressure. 🙂

    Kaitlyn and I after I died a little bit.

    Christina, Yessenia, and myself.

    Wow. That was kind of a lot, but not really. I’ll try to be more consistent, but with the season on it’s way I will have to try reallll hard.

    -I finally found the life worth living for…it’s not for running, it’s not for sports or school or money, it’s not for my family, it’s not for my friends, it’s not for anyone or anything, it’s not even for me, it’s for JESUS CHRIST.-


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