Pancakes for Breakfast.

  • My sister was home for the first time this weekend in a long time. She’s two years younger than me, and just like with most siblings- we fight. I’m pretty sure her and I created UFC. No, I’m being serious. When we were younger, you would have thought that her and I were boys with how we fought. It was ugly. Looking back on it now, seeing that we both have all of our teeth, it’s kind of funny. Our fights now are far less physical, although a few summers ago I would have taken her head off if my dad wasn’t there, but of course, we still argue. Both of us being away at school has done wonders for our relationship, as I feel is the case with most siblings. It was good to spend time with her this weekend. She’ll be back on Tuesday for her break and we have some major baking planned. Also, my parents are repainting the house, so it’ll be fun to have a painting buddy. Random fact about Jessie: she’s one of those freaks of nature that can eat whatever they want, never exercise, and is stick thin. For people who think that this is not possible- it is. Jessie does it with grace and ease. Also, she’s probably never eaten any sort of fruit or vegetable.

  • On Saturday, I went to visit my friend Amanda who I haven’t seen in years. She recently had a baby boy in September. For the record, babies terrify me. When she asked me if I wanted to hold him my response was: “HIS HEAD IS GOING TO FALL. OFF.!” and she laughed at me and just put him in my arms. He started making gurgling noises like he was gonna puke. I reassured Amanda that if her baby puked on me- I would NOT be happy. I couldn’t tell her that I’d throw her baby like a football, but I’m pretty sure it would have happened like that if he started to puke. NO THANK YOU. He ended up not puking, and he didn’t scream or cry ONE TIME while I was there. He’s my favorite baby.


  • I need to find some Black Friday deals.. I’m in desperate need for winter clothes for my winter travels and for Xmas presents for everyone else.
  • I just ate pancakes. Eating at home is so difficult, but I have no choice. I’m not going to spend 50$ a week at home like I usually do when I’m at school just to buy food. I’d rather save my money whenever I can. However, that means that I’m stuck eating things like pancakes for breakfast instead of Greek Yogurt and an apple. My parents might as well be allergic to anything that grows out of the ground. I try to tell them to stop drinking 2% milk and buy Skim milk or even better: Soy milk or Almond Milk, but no. I try to tell them to stop buying white rice, white bread, and white pasta- but no. I try to tell them to buy free-range, organic eggs, but no. I refuse to drink the milk and I’m iffy about the eggs for personal, moral reasons, but it is close to impossible to eat at home. For the most part, it causes me anxiety. I grew up eating this food that’s in this house and I know how it made me look and feel– no bueno. However, I think I can try and turn this situation into a positive one. After reading Clare’s post  , I decided that maybe that’s something I should try. I’m really, really bad at keeping track of the food I eat and noting how it makes me feel: how full I am, how long until I’m hungry again, etc. But I think it’s something that I absolutely need to do. One change that I have made is eating Greek Yogurt instead of any sort of “light” yogurt and it does keep me fuller longer. Maybe if I keep track of how certain foods fill me up, I’ll actually get somewhere.

    The biggest problem with being short? I’m a size 2 in jeans, so is Jessie. However, she’s probably a foot taller than me so she looks like a size 2 and, as we all know, I look like a moose. I don’t think that it will ever physically be possible for me to be a size 0, but it just blows my mind that my sister and I wear the same size jeans but, since I’m short, it doesn’t really matter.

    Off to finish painting the dining room, get a workout in, and hopefully scrapbook a little bit. Ahh, the joys of no school =) If I only I could get paid for stuff like this..


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