Training Again..

Thanksgiving is a terrible time to vow to start to eat better.
But one day of eating your brains out is not going to make you gain 5 pounds, you know?
Although I’m pretty sure I ate 5 pounds of food…

Rewind to Wednesday, I ran 4 miles and I felt absolutely fantastic.
I was mindful of what I ate, especially because I knew I was going out for Black Wednesday
and would be consuming the majority of my calories at the bar.
I call it “planning ahead” 😉

I was going to run on Thursday, but
a) I was hungover
b) my training plan called for REST!
c) it was freakin’ Thanksgiving

so I didn’t do much of any moving unless it was moving a fork to my mouth over and and over and over again. =)

I looked up a half marathon training plan and for yesterday, it called for a 4 mile tempo run.
1 mile warm up @ an easy pace
2 miles @ 9:26 tempo for a total of less than 20 min
1 mile cool down @ easy pace.

Stephen came with me for the first part of the run, which was part of our compromise since he didn’t want to run at all, but I talked him into at least part of the run. We crushed our first mile in 9:08! I think all of this time off from running let me legs chill out a bit and get refreshed. Training plan shamining-plan. So I decided to keep up the pace and just not fall below 9:30 splits for the rest of the run. A little after mile 2, Stephen split off to go back home and I kept going.
I finish the 4 miles in 36 minutes! I could feel myself really pushing it at the end, I felt my legs moving significantly faster than what they are used to- but it wasn’t painful and felt good.

But did you catch it?

I pulled up a half marathon training schedule!

Stephen’s friend from work is planning on running the Chicago Marathon next October, and said he was looking for a half to run as part of his training. So Stephen told him about the Illinois half in April… Stephen talked about it in such a way that implied that both him and I are doing it, and then it hit me. Duh. I said I was going to do this damn half, and so I’m going to do this damn half. I can do it. I know I can. So many other people who simply “dabble” in running have done it.

I have this disgusting competitive side, if you haven’t noticed. I want to do anything and everything better than everyone else, even if I have no business doing it. Like, suddenly someone claims they are the best surgeon in the world- for example- and suddenly I’m like “I WANT TO BE THE BEST SURGEON IN THE WORLD TOO!” but I have no merit or grounds to even want to be a surgeon, let alone a good one, other than from my past obsession with Grey’s Anatomy and University of Illinois anatomy (that I wasn’t even obsessed with at the time.) Anyway, I’ve gotten this idea stuck in my head that I’m going to finish this damn half marathon in under 2 hours. I have no idea where I got that idea, why I think that’s a good time to beat, or why I even think that I’m capable of trying to obtain that goal- but I want to finish in under 2 hours so fucking bad!

That would one, very important thing:
1) 9.16 minute miles- 13 times in a row…
Which means a few more things:
1) no potty breaks for those 13 miles
2) probably not being able to take time to stop for water
3) eating GU gel and GU chomps quickly on the run
4) death. there is a very good chance of feeling like death–

The plus side? If I can’t drink water while I’m running maybe I won’t have to pee?

Just kidding. I know I’m going to have to drink water. This will probably be most time efficient if I bring my own water bottle with me for the race.

We’ll see if I work up the courage to actually register.


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