Notes to Self & Lessons Learned

They say you learn something new every day.
Sometimes, I think that I go days without learning anything and then all of my lessons catch up to me and I learn a bunch on one day.   Which can either be a really good thing- nothing like piling on the wisdom, right? And sometimes it can be overwhelming- nothing like life cramming lessons down your throat.

Today was definitely one of those days filled with a plethora of lessons.

#1: Go to Class OR Avoid Professors: I skipped class this morning because I literally tossed and turned until 5am this morning, had my alarm set for 6am, almost through it through the window when it went off because I was so damn tired, and reset it for 8am, reset it again for 9am, and finally got out of bed at 10:35. Woops. Anyway. On my way to my other class, I ran into my professor who knows me and he asked me: “WHERE WERE YOU FOR CLASS THIS MORNING?!” “I WAS THERE! I WAS THERE I SWEAR!” And he laughed in my face because he knew I wasn’t.  Shoot.

#2: Always, always, always choose to run outside instead of at the track at the gym. No matter how cold it is, SUCK IT UP AND RUN OUTSIDE BECAUSE NO AMOUNT OF FREEZING WIND CAN BE WORSE THAN RUNNING AROUND A TRACK 20+ TIMES. SERIOUSLY. I wouldn’t mind running sprints or intervals on that track, but I think one of the main reasons why I burnt out before was because of that god-foresaken track. I could burn it down.

#3: Always have an umbrella. After running countless laps around said track, it began to pour rain outside. I guess I didn’t check the weather, but I had no idea that it was supposed to rain today. I had a very long, very miserable walk back to my apartment in the freezing cold rain. I had no hood, I had no umbrella, no gloves, no nothing. What the crap.

#4: Always make sure you have your ipod. There might be nothing worse than running around said track and having to listen to the AWFUL gossip and mindless things that the WONDERFUL people who go to this school have to say. I’d call it a rookie mistake, but it was just stupid on my part.

#5: Sometimes, less is more. I originally had planned to run and then lift all upper body today, but I decided to just stick with biceps and triceps. I’m glad I did so because my body was tired from the run and I definitely would have dreaded the extra time there- especially without music! I left the gym having done the perfect amount. I finished my 4 mile run and lifted, just like I wanted to- but I didn’t do too much. I’m excited to go back and lift more tomorrow! Just how you should leave the gym- wanting more!

#6: I truly love working out. It really does release feel-good hormones and endorphins because I feel like a brand new person after I’m done working out. Granted, when I’m in the middle of a burn out, working out is the last thing that I want to do- but I feel like I have a clear head about the whole thing and I can’t wait to get back at it tomorrow.

#7: This isn’t so much a lesson as it is a revelation: I want to open a dog rescue center. Is that out of left field or what? I have been watching way too much animal planet- Pit Bulls and Parolees to be exact, and seriously cannot stop thinking about how badly I want to save dogs, especially misunderstood pit bulls. One day I will.

#8: Group projects absolutely suck. Sometimes, you get stuck in a group with someone who thinks that they are all-knowing and all-powerful. And, for whatever reason, other people in the group follow suite and also begin to believe that one person is all-knowing and all-powerful. For reasons like this, I hate group work and am dreading tomorrow.

On that note, enough wisdom for today, and goodnight!


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