Wanting More.

Yesterday’s training plan called for 4 miles:
1 mile, easy warm-up
2 miles @ a 9:36 pace each
1 mile cool down.

It was a chilly day yesterday, but for being December, it actually wasn’t all too cold.
I put my Under Armor on, a fleece over that, Under Armor pants (I NEVER run in pants- usually capris or shorts-so getting used to long pants was kind of weird) Ear Muff head-band-thing, gloves, shoes, ipod- and I was good to go.

I don’t know if I tied my right shoe too tight, or what, but it was numb almost instantly. It felt so weird that I literally could not feel when my right foot was hitting the ground. I figured I needed to just warm up more, but right before the  1 mile mark, I decided to retie my shoe a little more loose to see if that would help. It stopped tingling a little before mile 2, so whether or not it was because of the cold or because my shoe was too tight- I’ll never know.

I could feel that I was consciously running slowly for my first mile. I finished in 10:15

I knew that I had to really pick it up for the next two miles. When I mapped out my run beforehand, I didn’t even bother to see where the 2 mile mark was on my route. That way, in my mind, the next marker was mile 3. For me and my weird running mental games, it made the two miles seem like one entity instead of two which made it more manageable.
I hit the “lap” button on my ipod and picked up the speed. One of my biggest running fears is to push too hard at first and just not make the distance. I never know how much is too much or too little until I get to where ever it is that I’m running to (in this case, 2 miles) so I think that’s something I definitely need to work on- gauging my level of effort and figuring out how long I can sustain it for.

In an effort to not waste too much time, I tried not to check the time too often- however, I’m pretty sure this is a good way to gauge if I need to pick up the pace or not. “Mile 2” flew by, and before I knew it, I was a few blocks away from the 3 mile mark- so I really started to pick it up. I got to where I thought “27th street” was, which would have marked the beginning of mile 4, but I had one more block. I was sprinting full out at this point, and felt like my feet were barely even touching the ground. I reached 27th street, hit the lap button on my ipod, and slowed it down to a jog. It felt great to slow down to a slower-than-normal pace to catch my breath. Naturally, after the “I’m going to vomit” feeling subsided, my pace picked back up and I naturally fell into my 10 minute mile pace. I didn’t check my ipod for my time until I reached my grandma’s house- mile 4.10

I had no idea how long it took me to run miles 2-3, how long it took me to finish the last mile, or what my overall time was.

To my surprise, I finished in a total of 40:50

Mile 1: 10:15
Mile 2-3: 19:30
Mile 4: 11:05

Not too shabby. Actually, I’m pretty damn proud of myself.
I kind of wish I would have timed each mile for 2 and 3, but the method worked for me, and I finished in less time than the plan called for, so I am extremely happy. I get such a rush knowing that I pushed my body and to see the progress that I’m making. A year ago, I would have been lucky to have run for 4 miles, let alone be concerned about time, let alone to run 1+ miles in less than 10 minutes.  LET ALONE BE TRAINING FOR A HALF MARATHON! 

It’s so much more real to me now that I registered   paid money for the race. That makes it so much more official. Plus, I’m a broke college student, so when I fork over any sort of money, I mean business!

I’m excited that I WANT to run now. I contemplated running today- just for fun. But I also am afraid to get sick of running again- so I refrained. I want to continue to WANT to run for as long as I can- so maybe by not letting myself run every day, even if I want to, will keep me wanting to come back for more and more.

The plan calls for me to run 5 miles on Monday, but I might try to squeeze it in tomorrow instead and lift on Monday once I’m back at school. We shall see.

What are your running plans this weekend?

Happy Saturday everyone! =) 


One thought on “Wanting More.

  1. Thanks for sharing your running experience. It’s really helpful. Also, I downloaded this free Nike GPS thing onto my iPhone awhile back that tracks your mileage and times your miles. The thing I like most about it is that a robot voice tells you when you hit each mile marker and it also tells you your pace. You don’t have to look at anything, which is good because with the iPhone strapped to my upper arm, it would be hard.

    Also, it has these “celebrities” which cheer you on. Seriously. Dirk Nowitzski keeps telling me I’m doing a great job. So are you, Dirk! So are you.

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