Time is absolutely flying by!
For me, it’s finals week, even though the official finals week isn’t underway until this Friday.
For the first time in 7 semesters, I don’t have a final on the very last possible day- which is a week from this Friday. I couldn’t be more happy!

Finals week doesn’t really stress me out. I know some people see it as the end-all-be-all of their life semester, but for me- it’s the tunnel at the end of the road. The end is most definitely in sight, and all of the hard-work stupid assignments that you’ve done for the past 16 weeks are coming to a culmination. Take one test, and the course is OVER. (Unless you fail- which may be the case for me and Biomechanics come Friday. yikes.)

I told myself I was going to run this morning before class, but at 6am when I looked out my window- it was wet, no sun, and looked cold. (I know it’s December and it’s SUPPOSED to be cold, but it just looked so incredibly uninviting outside.) So I slept in for another two hours and I’ve decided to run later this afternoon after class.

Running and training can kind of be equated to a semester full of classes and finals week is the race. You spend all of this time preparing and carefully figuring out how you’re going to execute the race- studying, if you will. If you don’t study or prepare enough, you’re not going to have a good race- or a good final.

I’m an Exercise Science major- I get facts about exercise and physiology and biology and human anatomy shoved in front of me every day (fine, I’ll admit it- I enjoy it!), but sometimes, when it comes to myself- I forget all of the stuff that I’ve learned. The human body is ADAPTABLE. Your body will do what you ask it to do- all in good time. If you train, your body WILL respond. So as I sit here, about 21 weeks away from this half marathon idea of mine, with some elusive 2-hour finish in mind, I have to remind myself that I can run fast if I train myself to run fast. Will I ever be able to be some sort of Olympic runner? Hell  no. But can I push my body to push a little bit beyond it’s comfort zone of a 10-minute mile and accustom it to running comfortable and sustainable 9-minute miles? Hell yes, and you better believe it.

If I want a “fast” half marathon time, I need to run fast when I train. I’d rather be uncomfortable now during my training then feeling like death during the race. I kind of get a giddy feeling when I realize that I can do this. I just need to push my body, follow the training plan, and just shut up and do it.

The plan has me finishing in 1:58!
Today, the plan calls for 5 miles, slow.
I can do that. I like the fact that the plan literally says “slow” and specifies with “11:08”
Asking me to run an over 11-minute mile pace is kind of funny- I like knowing that I don’t have to check my time constantly to make sure I’m on pace and that I can kind of just ease into the run- but it’s also kind of hard to try and maintain such a slow pace. I think I’ll just find a comfortable stride and stick with it for the route.

Maybe the longer run will snap me out of my case of the Mondays that I’ve got going right now.

Have a good day! =)


One thought on “Finals.

  1. ” This quote is so cute, and so true, good friends can make you realize that you don t need to dwell on the past, and the bad things that have happened, because everything will get better.

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