The Fast and the Furious

Is there a certain word for when you have a “case of the Mondays” all week long?
On Monday I blamed it on the fact that it was Monday.
Yesterday I blamed it on the weather.
And today? Well I just have no idea- I feel like I’ve been in a fog all week. Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep?

On Monday, the plan called for 5 miles at an 11:08 pace.
Easy enough. I went into the run with a positive attitude, confident that I could tackle it.
11:08 x 5 = 55.4 which means that I had to finish my run in 55 minutes and 40 seconds.
I bundled up and around mile one, I had to take my ear muffs and gloves off and unzip my Under Armor. I was SWEATING.
I was unaware of the fact that the sidewalk would come to an end for quite a while and ended up running in the grass of the hilly cemetery that’s on campus. It was kind of fun to switch to a more difficult terrain and have to focus on picking up my feet so I wouldn’t eat shit trip. When the grass finally turned back into sidewalk it felt so much easier to run, so I started to run faster.

The route called for me to run right past my apartment but continue on past it for another mile, turn around and run another mile back home to finish for an exact distance of 5.06 miles. I thought about calling it quits early, but I didn’t. I felt so good while I was running that I WANTED to keep going. I hit the 4 mile mark and picked up my pace. I only look at my time once- but I didn’t really know where my mile markers were so when my clock said “25 minutes” I had no idea where I was or much more distance I had to cover… The last mile I really pushed it. I was scared to disappoint myself and not finish in under 55 minutes- I went into the run thinking it was going to be easy- if I didn’t hit my time, that meant I was running slower than 11.08 minute miles. It’s not like 11.08 is an awful time. There was once a time in which that was all my body would allow for- and at that time, I was just so proud of myself for even being able to be running more than 1 mile at a time. But now, I know that body can do better than that.

I got to the door of my building and checked the time: 50 minutes.
I was so proud!
5.06 miles in 50 minutes (and some seconds) was way better than I was even hoping for!
I don’t know my exact splits, but I know I was running, on average, faster than 10 minute miles.

I love that a significant portion of my life is based on minutes and mile times.
Kind of like from the Fast and the Furious (the first one, haha, throw back!) when Vin Diesel says
“I live my life a quarter mile at a time.”
Ever since I really got into running, I feel like I live my life one mile at a time- or one training run at a time- or once race at a time. And to be honest, I kind of love it.

I was supposed to run 3 easy miles today, but with finals and the lack of sleep, I decided to hold off with that until tomorrow.
I have nothing to do tomorrow but study, so I figured a good study break would be an easy run and some weights.
I’m looking forward to it =)

Survivor and Modern Family is on tonight!!
Does anyone else watch those shows? I’m obsessed! 


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