Break Running Goals

I’ll skip the apology for being gone so long only because I’ve been super busy and thats not something I am sorry about. In fact, thats what I’ve been learning this past semester. I’ve been learning that there are some things that are out of my control and blaming myself is not going to get me anywhere. If anything, it’ll get me into a deep self-pity hole and  I hate that… self pity. That was not meant to sound rude, just truthful.


So, here is the real reason for my post. I’ve been home on break for 24 hours now. I just got done running a light 3 miles about an hour ago, and I have a goal. Here it is: my goal is to run 35-40+ miles on break. I’ll be home for 3 weeks so its a reasonable goal. Its not super intense which I like because I don’t want running to consume my life, nor do i want running to be more important than people such as my family, my friends, and that stranger on the street who needs some love. Its also not a super easy goal because it requires me to run 10 miles a week which means 3 times a week of running in the cold for 3-4 miles.

I decided to write it here so that I can be kept accountable by the mere fact that I want to update you guys.

So, 3.1 miles done and at least 32 more to go.

Here’s a picture of me and my lovely little brother that I love so much ❤




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