“The Petite Advantage Diet”

Happy first official day of winter and Happy Birthday to me!!

Turning one year older brings me some serious anxiety- but I’ll talk more about that later.


For now, I want to vent about something I just saw on TV.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching The View on ABC on most mornings. I don’t think I actually like the show, because I often find myself irritated by most of those women, but it’s like a train wreck and I just can’t stop!
This morning, they had a guest come and speak about his book called “The Petite Advantage Diet”
At first, it seemed legit. The author, who claimed to have over 25 years of experience in the human nutrition and exercise field, was explaining how petite women (5’4″ and under) burn less calories than taller women. That is a true statement, but really has nothing to do with height and has a lot more to do with how much those women (or anyone really) weigh. Two women who are of different heights, but weigh the same, will burn the same amount of calories. Height has nothing to do with it. However, typically speaking, the taller someone is, the more they will weigh. More bone mass, more muscle mass, more everything. It’s not like it’s a problem, or anything that should have to be addressed in the form of a book called “The Petite Advantage Diet.” But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Everything was peachy-keen until this quack of a man started talking about how the plan works. It was something along the lines of: 5 days out of the week, eat 1,100 calories, and on 2 non-consecutive days of the week, eat 1,600 calories. Also, use those gravity straps for your workouts, DON’T DO CARDIO, because, AND I QUOTE (!!!) “cardio makes you shorter and fatter” but the gravity straps “burn more calories and make you longer and leaner.”
ARE YOU NUTS!? Seriously this man is as quacky as they get.
Now, if this man really does have 25+years of experience, then he knows that he  is LYING through his quacky-teeth to these people to sell books.

I guess I’ll start at the beginning.
Anyone, of any shape or size, regardless of height, will lose weight if they reduce their caloric intake to 1,100. They will also be miserable and unhealthy, as 1,200 calories is the MINIMUM amount of calories anyone should be eating just to be alive. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to eat that little every single day. So even sasquatch would lose weight if he ate only 1,100 calories a day. The 1,600 calories 2x’s a week is sort of just a mental game for the poor women who decide to use his “diet” plan. It gives women the feeling of having “cheat” days or the ability to indulge, not once, but twice a week. The author made it sound like the increase in caloric intake was advantageous to weight loss because the body will just “burn up” all of the extra calories and increase the rate in which you “lose weight”. Well that is all good and true, your body will be “burning up” all of those calories because you will be starving yourself 5 days out of the week and your poor, poor body will NEED those calories to function. So they way I see it, the extra 500 calories twice a week is so your body won’t shut down. If you reduce your caloric intake by too much, your metabolism will start to shut down, and adverse effects will start to take place. Bad bad bad.

Now, onto the workouts. Those gravity straps are great to implement into any workout, mostly because they are unique and will provide loads and loads of glorious muscle confusion. Muscle confusion is a truly a wonderful thing. But to claim that they will make us, the poor, short, and chubby women (or so he implied) longer and leaner is a bunch of BULL. Actually, this brings me to a bigger issue all together. Anytime you read something that claims to make your muscles “longer and leaner” is bunch of CRAP CRAP CRAP. Muscles CANNOT GROW LONGER. They just cannot. In order for that to happen, you would literally need to find the insertion of your muscle on to whatever bone it attaches to, snip it, and reattach it farther along on the bone. Boom. Your muscles will never elongate. Sorry, Charlie. “Toning” also just does not happen- not in the way you think it will. Women hopelessly lift 3 pound weight over and over and over in the gym. Great! You’re doing nothing for your muscles. Sure, you might be sore, but that is because you are creating muscle ENDURANCE which actually has little to no effect on the APPEARANCE of your muscles. If you want to have an effect on the appearance of your muscles, you must increase the size of your muscle fibers, also called hypertrophy, which is achieved by lifting “heavy” weights. Women WILL NOT BULK UP AND LOOK LIKE MEN. Unless you start taking testosterone supplements (and want to grow a beard and talk like a man) you will not bulk up. I promise on my own grave. So the claim that his man makes, that cardio will somehow make you shorter (where is that even coming from?) and fatter (just stop it, man, seriously) is outrageous. I can’t even keep up with this man’s comprehension. The gravity straps are great! Do not resort to these as your only source of exercise, for Pete’s sake.  (Who is Pete, anyway?)

For anyone who doesn’t have any sort of education in the health field (oh, you know, kind of like the man who wrote this damn book!!), his arguments would be extremely enticing. Heck, I’m short, so if I didn’t know better, I would think this man was talking directly to me and answering all of my prayers!

He’s full of bull. And I am honestly heart broken that hundreds of women listen to him and people like him, who probably do know better, but just want to make a decent buck. Before I die, I want to have an impact on the way Americans (33% obesity rate in adults,  people) view exercise, food, and diets all together. Money hungry, deceiving people like this man need to be put in their place. I feel sorry for the women who buy his book and try to starve themselves by eating 1,100 calories a day. He NEEDED to make the claim to not do cardio because if you were only eating 1,100 calories a day AND trying to do cardio, chances are you’d pass out on multiple occasions. Not good, just NOT GOOD.

If you want to lose weight, eat healthier foods, eat smaller portions. Move more!
I watched Tina’s Vlog on shifting perspective the other night, and I thought it was a great post with really great points and I believe everyone should try and implement into their lives!
You can check it out here.

Have you read “The Petite Advantage Diet” ? Or anything similar? What do you think about gimmick and fad diets?


8 thoughts on ““The Petite Advantage Diet”

  1. Hey! I’m 5’2 and my incredibly tall friend forwarded this man’s ideaology on over to me to be helpful. I was, in the beggining, extatic! However just before pressing “checkout” on my amazon.ca account I thought I’d google ‘reviews’ ‘debunk’ and ‘fad’ alongside the petite advantage diet. Thanks for the post! I hadn’t heard that he wasn’t into cardio, which I love and HAS WORKED for me for the past ELEVEN YEARS of excersizing as a petit woman. And no, I have not shrunk thanks very much, age will end up doing that for me. I am glad there are opinionated people out there with the b@lls to tell it like it is, and I’m glad you were able to warn me off. I’m now a new subscriber via bloglovin’.

    • Thanks for stopping by! The no cardio thing was a HUGE red flag for me in my book. I’m so glad you didn’t buy the book and buy into his weird methodology! Keep doing what works for you. And thanks for reading! ❤ Christina

  2. Well I didn’t get to this review in time and I did in fact purchase the book. I ABHOR cardio (it goes beyond any reasonable level of hate) and thought this book would be the answer to my prayers. Thankfully I knew enough not to follow the eating plan (that was just way too restrictive for me) but I wanted to know what the workout plan was that I could do where I didn’t have to do any cardio. It’s disheartening bc I really thought this was an awesome concept and some of his points did seem valid but I guess this is a fad like all the rest. How frustrating!!

    • That is frustrating! Truthfully, you have to do what works for YOU. If you don’t like doing cardio that you’re used to doing- try switching it up. Zumba? Spin? Swimming? If you try all forms of cardio and absolutely still despise it, try something else! Get into a good weight lifting routine, try Bikram Yoga, etc. Do what makes you FEEL good- in all aspects. Eating 1,100 calories a majority of the time will not make anyone feel good, I can assure you that so I’m glad you didn’t restrict yourself on that level. Don’t give up!!

  3. I’m so glad you posted this! I too was ready to buy the diet and couldn’t find many negative reviews, even though I thought the no cardio was a red flag. Just the thought of eating 1,100 calories/day makes me hungry! Any thoughts about Mark Hyman’s Ultra-Metabolism diet and nutrigenomics?

    • Eating 1,100 calories/day is terrifying. I’m so glad you decided against it, even without an overwhelming amount of negative reviews. I’m actually not familiar with Mark Hyman’s work, but I will definitely check it out and get back to you!!!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I know this is an old post, but I read this stupid book too an couldn’t believe it. I’m 4’10” and maintaining 99 lbs (NOT GAINING) on 2000-2500 cals a day. I am pretty active (sprint 3 times a week and lift heavy 4 times a week), and I am extremely small framed. Even if I tried, I wouldn’t even last one day on that day. I can’t possibly live on 1100 calories a day. low calorie diets are BULLCRAP. Eat the food, move around, find some activity you enjoy and be patient. That’s all it takes! Stop starving!!!

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