Hello Again!

Oh my goodness!
Well, I survived Europe!
It was exhausting, exciting, and definitely a trip I’ll never forget. Australia still remains to be the time of my life though!

Being so far removed from my daily routines makes it tricky to keep track of how much exercise I’m getting and the amount of food I’m eating. Was I about to pass up eating waffles and crepes in France? Uhm, no. Was I going to pass up eating pizza, pasta, and pastries in Italy? NOPE. I tried to have some sort of self control and not buy out an entire bakery, but I definitely indulged at least once a day.

In the back of my mind were the documentaries that I watched before heading out of the country. Trying to be “vegan” while being over there wasn’t even an option. We literally walked miles every single day and there just were not vegan options, so in an attempt to not literally collapse half-way through my day, I ate cheese and eggs and all that stuff. However, I was able to steer clear of meat, for the most part…

One day, while in Germany, the only meal I ate was at 11am, and it was Potato Soup. Unlike in the states, the soup only comes in one size: really small. Like 8oz. So I scarfed it down. For whatever reason, the topic of food just never came up for the rest of the day and evening. We had a 7 hour bus ride, so I’m sure that was part of the reason. We went to a bar later that night, but the kitchen was closed. I stuck to drinking water. Midnight rolled around and when I stood up, I felt lightheaded and it finally occurred to me that I literally had not eaten in hours. We had a long walk and train ride home, but what was conveniently around the corner? McDonald’s. Ironic, right? I reluctantly ordered a burger. It took me SO long to convince myself to eat it, and in the end, I only ate half.
I’m not sure how McDonald’s works, but the beef definitely tasted different. Perhaps their cows are grain fed instead of corn fed? What I do know is that McDonald’s in Europe does NOT have a dollar menu. In fact, ordering McDonald’s is just as expensive as eating at any other restaurant (within reason). I find this pretty mind-blowing…


So that was meat-eating scenario number one.

Scenario number two took place in France. It was our last Sunday in France and the boys decided to cook family dinner…steak, rice, and potatoes. It was delicious and I chowed down on the steak, not even going to lie. We had walked around France for HOURS beforehand, so I was starving. But it was delicious and I don’t regret it for a second.

#3 was a ham and cheese crepe in France.
and #4 was a bite of my sister’s sandwich which had lunchmeat, but it freaked me out so I stopped after one bite.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how many times I ate meat while in Europe.
And you know what? I am damn proud of myself.

Breakfast often offered different types of meat, and I always declined.
At dinner, I ordered some type of fish or vegetarian plate.
Sadly, I was often times so hungry, and I knew I wasn’t getting enough protein.
I did what I could, but was limited in my choices.

Now that I’m home, I’m ready to get back on track with my eating and exercising.
I was able to get two runs in, one in Amsterdam and one in London. Both runs were fantastic and the scenery was beautiful. The half marathon is coming up, and there’s a 10k in February, so intense training is about to ensue! I’m also beyond excited to start lifting again.
I feel disgusting from not having lifted in so long. It’s amazing what wonderful things lifting does for your body…how you feel, and definitely the amount of jiggling your body does. It’s been driving me crazy! I don’t think I’ve gained any significant amount of weight, but my body is definitely losing the effects of lifting. Can’t wait to get back on track!!

Today I hope to get my suite case back (damn airport lost my luggage, I knew it was going to happen!) and get over this jet lag.


2 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. I’m also worried about studying abroad in Europe and dealing with food options there, but it’s great to hear that you were able to stay mostly vegetarian. Good luck prepping for your races!

    • when do you leave!? You’ll have to keep me posted as to how everything (food and non-food related) goes! What part of Europe are you going to be in? Some regions are easier than others… make sure you pack some of your own food to be safe. I noticed I was really dragging from lack of protein and was turning to sugar to energize myself and it was just a bad combination overall. As of right now, I’m still incorporating fish into my diet, so that definitely made some of it easier. Good luck!!

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