Turkey & Bacon

I’m not even going to try and hide it.
I went to Panera last night, and ordered a Panini…it had not only turkey on it, but bacon.
But you know what? I didn’t even enjoy it. It honestly didn’t even taste good and I didn’t finish it.
Within 20 minutes of eating it, I felt groggy and out of it.
I know that turkey is notorious for it’s drowsy effects caused by the tryptophan that it contains, (post-Thanksgiving meal nap, anyone?) but I had never experienced it that severely before. I honestly don’t even think it was from the tryptophan so much as it was from the way my body felt about digesting meat.

I have still not been eating as many animal products as I used to… but I am far from actually being a vegan.
Have I ever expressed my love for cheese? But I really am trying…
One thing at a time, right?

It has been outrageously cold here, so running outside hasn’t happened nearly as often as I would like.

The way my semester is going to go is something like this:
Monday: Morning workout. Class from 11-2:30.
Tuesday: Morning workout. Class from 9:30-12:30. Or afternoon workout. Or both. Or work.
Wednesday: Repeat Monday. Probably have to work.
Thursday: Morning workout. Class from 9:30-12:30. Catch the bus back home. If I don’t work out in the morning, I’m screwed.
Friday: Workout. Go to work.
Saturday: Go to work. Probably workout.
Sunday: Bus back to school. Do it all over again.

Monday-Wednesday I will, without question, work out.
Today, however, Thursday, it just didn’t happen. I’m worried that just with the flow of things on Thursday mornings- having to get everything ready for the day (pack lunch, snacks for the bus ride, etc) and for the weekend (pack clothes, homework, etc) that I might just not get around to working out. And that’s fine! I wouldn’t mind being able to take Thursdays off from the gym and letting myself sleep in til 8-8:30 on Thursdays. I just don’t like knowing that if I don’t lift on Thursdays, I won’t be able to lift again until Monday. That means that I’m resting more days than I’m lifting.
With the lifting schedule that I’m on right now, there is no need for me to take such a long break from lifting since I’m not working the same muscle group more than once a week anyway.
Saturdays are already going to be my designated “long run” days. However, this will be flexible. This Saturday, there’s supposed to be a snow storm of 7+ inches of snow– so an 8 mile run may not happen (let’s face it, I won’t run 8 miles on a treadmill- it’s just not going to happen.) I have no problem waiting until I’m back at school on Monday or Tuesday and running the long runs there if the weather is better and that sort of stuff. Once the weather stops sucking (does it ever?) I’ll more than likely stick to the long runs on Saturdays.

As far as the lifting goes, I was thinking about joining Charter Fitness that’s near my house. I have no loyalty or actual interest in Charter Fitness other than the fact that they cost 10$ a month. For what I’ll need it for- lifting once MAYBE twice a week, I think 10$ a month is pretty damn reasonable. However, I’m locked into a 12 month contract… but I’ll be back full time in May so I wouldn’t be opposed to already belonging to a gym once I’m back at home for the summer. I just really don’t want to have such a long break from lifting when a cheap and very reasonable option is available.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow!



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