Live and Let Live.

The good news is that I have not eaten meat from a land animal since Europe! For that I am proud.
It’s been tricky with my family because I feel like they think I’m joking or “going through a phase.”
We went to eat at my grandparent’s house last week and my mom asked me to split a cornish hen with her…
I mean, I know that in the past I would have done so, so maybe she’s asking out of habit, but I can’t help but think that she’s asking to see if I’m “over it” yet.
Megan made some comment to me along the lines of “well… you don’t like meat right now.”
I LOVE MEAT. And “right now”..? really? If I never eat a slice of meat ever again for the rest of my life, will this still be a “phase”? I don’t understand why people let the way they eat be such a big deal. Why do vegans get upset with non vegans and vice versa? I’m not even a self-procalimed vegetarian, or even a pescatarian. I feel like everyone has their panties in a wad because I don’t feel like supporting the terrible ways in which these animals are being treated. I could care less where you decide to throw your money, it’s not MY money and it’s not my body that you’re feeding, so live and let live.
My dad made chicken soup over the weekend and loaded it with veggies as usual. When he told me he was making soup with chicken in it, he immediately looked at me and said “you can pick out the meat”, so I appreciated the fact that he at least took my eating preferences into account.

Tonight I went out to eat with Mayra and Yessenia. Mayra and I are on a mission to have a drink at every bar in downtown Champaign before we graduate in May. We stopped at two bars tonight, and at this pace, I think we’ll have enough time to revisit some of our favorite places!
We went to Seven Saints and Esquire.
Seven Saints, despite my initial thoughts, had reasonably priced food and better yet- it was AMAZING! The menu was accommodating to my eating preferences and had several different “mix and match” options. I had a “salmon slider” (outstanding) and a goat cheese and spinach salad. DELICIOUS! I will definitely be going back for more later!
We just ordered drinks at Esquire which was pretty much just your typical bar. It was a very relaxed atmosphere with pool tables and really great music (if you’re into the less-popular songs of the 90’s). I really liked it!


Lifting has been going great! It’s been kind of interesting figuring out how and when I can manage to work all of my muscle groups before I hit the road back home early Thursday afternoon, but so far so good! I had a long run planned for today, but due to extenuating circumstances I have post-poned it until tomorrow morning… it’s supposed to rain, but if it doesn’t, it’s going to be one long morning with me and the sidewalk.
The freezing weather is really making it difficult to train, but I’m trying my best not to use that as an excuse. Before I know it, the race is going to be here and I know I’m going to regret any excuses that I make now. So, gotta suck it up and do it because I know that I want to finish this race!  

I’ve been making it a point to eat a lot of protein and I can tell that my body is responding well. When I don’t eat enough protein now, my body is HUNGRY. And I’m not talking snacky-hungry. I’m talking, LET ME EAT NOW OR I’M GOING TO GNAW AT MY FOOT-hungry. This hunger sets in when I go home and don’t have my protein powder and quinoa at my disposal. I need to plan better for my weekend meals without breaking the bank…
Any ideas?? 

That’s all for now!
Wish me luck on my stupid idea to run 8 miles AND lift tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “Live and Let Live.

  1. I don’t understand why families and friends have that “you’re just going through a phase reaction” either! I love that you’re willing to stand up for what you believe in while still respecting how others eat, too – it establishes that just because you made a change, you don’t need to push your beliefs onto others. It’s great to hear about people in similar situations (minimizing the meat), and I hope you keep achieving your goals!

    • thank you so much!! I agree =) It’s nice to hear that other people are going through the same thing. I read your blog for reassurance that it’s not some crazy phase and that I’m validated for wanting to feed the body the way that I want. thanks for stopping by =)

  2. Oh, and one suggestion for a protein snack that my non-veg friends love and are actually asking I make more of – tofu mixed with refried beans and taco seasoning (from PETA’s Vegan College cookbook) . I stick some on top of chips and microwave it as a snack.

    • oh wow, that sounds pretty amazing. I’ll have to try it! I kind of forgot about tofu. I used to eat it a lot when I was still eating meat (sounds weird, right?) but I’ll definitely have to try that recipe! thanks!

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