Running Productivity At Its Absolute Finest

I’m going to need a lot more money for the rate in which I keep signing up for races:

Ragnar Relay– 100$, not including the van rentals and food.
Muddy Buddy– 60$
Warrior Dash– 55$
The Color Run– $30 (haven’t signed up yet)

Not to mention I just bought a Kindle and am out $150. Not complaining though, I’m sure it will bring me invaluable joy.

Thanks to Yessenia’s roommate, I saved myself boatloads of money by not buying 30$ audiobooks from the iTunes store. I went to my school’s library (for the first time to actually take something out- usually, it’s just to study) and borrowed four different audiobooks. To my surprise, they are not just crammed onto one CD per book. Oh, no, no, no. The Wicked Audiobook? 17 disks. You better believe your ass I sat down and ripped every single one onto my computer and then quickly did some re-vamping of my iPod so that at LEAST 2 hours would fit..
I had never run to an audiobook before. I have always run to music. I have tried and tried to run to the sound of my own breathing, but I annoy the crap out of myself. I was scared to run to some narration of a book that had no cadence-based motivation, but I gave it a whirl today.

9 torturous miles I completed today- inside- at the ARC (which will undoubtedly be the track that they use in literal hell). And you know what? It wasn’t all that bad.

In order for me to absorb what was going on in the book, I had to focus. I had to focus on the words and the storyline and not how much I hated running around in fucking circles on a shin-split-causing, too-many-turns, track. Whenever I run, especially inside, I get distracted and focus on other people. “Beat that girl”, “catch up to that person”, “are they really running faster than me?” and so on and so on… Today? I got to listen to the story of the Wicked Witch of the West, and it was fantastic. I am SUCH a fan!

I’m not sure how long this audiobook kick will last. I’m sure it’ll be something where I crave running to some hardcore music, but I think if I can keep up a good rotation of audiobooks that I’ll be in pretty good shape.

Also!? Is this not productivity at it’s absolute finest? Filling my mind with literature WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY RUNNING!? How awesome is that? I feel like that definitely kills more than two birds, BUT all still with one little stone.

I have a 10K this Sunday, so I needed to get my long run in earlier in the week so that my poor little legs can rest up before the race. I’m also starting to get sick so I’m not promising myself any sort of PR. Stephen and I finished our last 10K in 58something. However, we’re running in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago in February which means 2 things: 1) it’s going to be outrageously freezing- if not snowing or raining or a combination of the two and 2) WIND. I am anticipating some serious wind, which unless it’s a tail-wind, we’re going to be slowed down an awful lot. Either way, I’m pumped!


On the food front:
I don’t even miss meat!
At first, when I decided to give this whole vegetarian thing a shot, I was craving some serious burgers. Now? Nothing at all. I don’t even want one when I smell it. I acknowledge that it smells good but I am immediately reminded of the images and truth that Food Inc., Forks Over Knives, and so many other piles of information have given me, and I don’t even think twice about how good it would taste. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t think it would taste that good anymore. At first, I thought I was going to try and buy meat that was Organic and coming from “happy animals”, but you know what? Not even. I don’t crave or want to eat meat at all. I’ve been getting probably more protein now than I was when I was eating meat. I’ve been eating legumes like crazy- this week it’s been black beans and lentils. I also have been eating lots of Quinoa and Bulgur. Whey Protein has been making it’s way into as many things as I can- but not overloading- don’t worry. I also have been buying a package of Tofu each week but only trying to eat that in moderation as I know the effects of ingesting too much soy. I also polish off at least one carton of Almond Milk in 4 days. I eat “happy” egg whites almost every morning with rolled oats made with almond milk, whey protein, and some sort of fruit.

Aside from the eggs, I buy pretty vegan for myself. Probably not to a T (although I was pleased to see VEGAN stamped on the side of  the Potato and Leek soup that I bought!!), but I haven’t bought any animal products (including any sort of dairy- even cheese!- which I used to be OBSESSED with) for myself besides the eggs. One of these days, I’m just going to suck it up and commit. Just be a fucking vegan and stop trying to imagine how wonderful I will feel and just FEEL it. One day. Don’t you worry.

Although I would love to be able to say “OH MY GOD, I HAVE LOST ALL OF THIS WEIGHT WHILE GIVING UP MEAT AND ALL OF THIS ANIMAL PRODUCTS!” bla bla bla, it’s not true. In another sense, I’m kind of glad- because then I know I’m still nourishing myself and not starving in any way. My works and long runs have been GREAT- so it’s wonderful to know that YES, you can be a vegetarian/wannabe-vegan, and still be a badass in the gym.


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