I Love Runners & Garmin Watches

I’m not sure if the blog sphere knows, but….. I am running the half marathon. Exciting, I know.

Let me first express the wonders of the Garmin watch. I don’t personally have one, but my roommate lets me use hers and wow. I think the right word to use is revolutionary. Yeah, I might be a tad bit late of the fad, but whoever invented it is GENUIS.

I ran with the Garmin watch for the second time today, and it just makes me a better runner. I mean, I know it doesn’t enhance my cardiovascular fitness, nor does it move my legs for me, BUT I am sure that it makes me a better runner. They say knowledge is power. Well, me knowing how I am running (pace & milage) allows me to modify my running depending on my goal of the certain run. Therefore, it makes me a better runner.

Ok, thats enough about Garmin watches… I could go on for ages.

Today on my run, I passed some other runners. Normal right? Thats what I though, but this guy I passed not only smiled, but smiled and waved at me, AND he also did the same for the women running in front of me. How great is that? 

After he passed I looked the Garmin watch and my pace got faster. So, hopefully there are lots of smiling, waving people at the half.




One thought on “I Love Runners & Garmin Watches

  1. I smile at every runner that I pass when I run outside =) I feel like it do it, especially in the wintertime, because it’s like “oh hey, you’re crazy enough to run outside in this freezing cold weather too!!” It’s like people on motorcycles, when my dad and I go for rides on his, we wave to all other passing motorcycles and they do the same. “Oh hey, fellow badass!”

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