“I’m so gonna own you.”

I have like 2 minutes before I have to leave for work, but it suddenly occurred to me:

I haven’t eaten meat (in America) in two months!

I am damn proud of myself.
The weird thing about deciding not to eat meat is that it’s not like a diet or some sort of restriction. I feel like when things are restricted, like sweets or snacks of any kind, we constantly think about them because we told ourselves we CANNOT have them. With deciding not to eat meat, I don’t even think about it, ever. I have no cravings to go to Hooters or BWW. I have no desire to have a pepperoni pizza or anything like that. I simply just do not want to eat it and just like that, with the literal split decision I made while watching Netflix two months ago on my couch, I stopped eating meat and just never looked back. Feels great =)
Sometimes I find my energy levels dropping, but it’s usually when I’m at home and I know I’m not getting enough protein because my parents and I are nowhere NEAR on the same page of how to eat.. so that’s still an issue I have to figure out to get around.


In other news, I ran 9.26 miles on Monday in 1 hour and 27 minutes.
My knees and IT bands aren’t really all too happy with me, but I am damn proud of myself. It was a long, grueling, mentally rough run. My audiobooks failed to light a fire under my ass so I switched on some of my “pump up” music and rocked the second half of my run.

Illinois Half Marathon, I’m so gonna own you.


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