Sweat Once A Day; and a Training Update

One of my favorite bloggers is Emily over at Sweat Once A Day. 

She’s one of my inspirations to get my ass out the door and get a couple miles under my belt for the day and sweat my butt off. She’s a total badass and makes me look like a huge wimp, because her normal runs usually consist of 15 miles (oh and she just got back from an injury) when all I do is DREAM about getting to 15 miles and injure myself just thinking about it…

Anyway. Do me (and her) a favor and if you have time today, go over to FitnessMagazine.com  and vote for Sweat Once A Day 🙂


On a different note, I’m pretty sure I’m falling apart.
If you’re following me on my Personal Twitter, you’ll know that I recently had the bright idea of signing up for a Half Iron Man.
Now, now… I have not registered yet. But my mind is in the right place…
I pulled up training schedules, which all include doing a few more Triathlons of the Olympic distance, which I have yet to try.
BABY STEPS. That is where I will begin… at first, I thought I was going to dive in to sign up for 2013, but 2014 is looking far more feasible. But I’m all about doing crazy, impossible-seeming things, so nothing is out of the question just yet..

Almost as if my bones could hear my little fingers typing: “Half Iron Man Training schedules” into the Google search bar… and I’m sure my recent kick with the BodyRock.tv workouts DID NOT HELP, but I have had an incredibly deep, nagging and sharp (at the same time, I’m not even sure how that’s possible) pain in my left butt cheek. At first, it was only when I put pressure on my left leg, now? The pain in my ass (quite literally) is even when I’m sitting and doing nothing. My mind immediately went to Sciatica. Dammit. The most immediate & beneficial treatment for Sciatica? Rest. Uhhhh?
The next possible reason? A reaalllllyyyyyy tight piriformis muscle. It’s a small muscle in the butt, and the sciatic nerve actually runs through it… In an effort to NOT HAVE TO FREAKIN’ REST- I rolled my butt out on a softball last night. (Foam rollers are, often times, too soft of a surface to really get deep and penetrate a deep, sore muscle–the piriformis) so I sat on a softball and yelled my way through that whole ordeal. IT HURT. But sort of in a good way. I’ve been sitting on ice packs for a few times a day for the past few days… Just in case it is the beginning of Sciatica, I’m going to start implementing heat- since nerve damage is most effectively treated with heat instead of constant icing..

In other news, I’m pretty sure I’m developing plantar fasciitis in my left foot (the muscle on the bottom of my foot, the plantar fascia, is irritated.) Also, the faint twinge of the oncoming of shin splints is starting to haunt my every move…

It occurred to me that I may need new running shoes. NO- this is not a part of my weird gym shoe obsession- I may in fact, actually NEED new running shoes. Which is why I’m about to read THIS article.

Not trying to be an annoying Debbie Downer and just bitch about all my ailments, but injuries are all part of the training fun, right?
Ibuprofen is where it’s at…for now.

It’s currently raining outside, and I had 6 miles of speedwork planned for today– but everything happens for a reason and Mother Nature wants me to stay on my couch until I have to go into work today.. Not complaining 😉

On a different notes:

I’m in full on “get-the-gym-ready” mode. Starting this summer, I’m the one and only Personal Trainer & Group Fitness instructor over at my Park District’s gym. I’m not the manager (yet!) but I sure as hell have my sights set on that position. As far as I’m concerned, that gym will soon be my own personal project and I cannot wait to bring the community some epic health and fitness awareness 🙂



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