What Hurting My Knee Taught Me.

Two Sundays ago, I hurt me knee playing intramural basketball. (Pretty sure it was my LCL)

Here is a play-by-play for you.

The other team was on a fast break, and I was the only person who made it back on defense. I turned to switch who I was defending– you know always play the ball first. In doing that, my foot stayed planted while the rest of my body except for the left side below my knee turned. Yowzers. 

I fell to the floor wincing in pain. I tried to get up and ended up just crawling off the court. The refs told me to keep my shoe on as if I hurt my ankle. It was my knee. I don’t think people were getting that! Mayra blamed it on my shoes. No, not my ankle, my knee! Geeez.

Anyway, this news sucked considering I have a half marathon to run in 54 days. So after a lot of whining and icing, I’ve decided that hurting my knee has taught me a few things.

1.I like running.

I really do enjoy running for many reasons. It gives me energy and it refreshes me mentally and physically. There is nothing like finishing a long mile run and stretching it out afterwards.

I haven’t been able to run to get a run in for two weeks and my body is hurting for some pavement action. (This week I’ve been what I called elipisizing and biking for low impact exercise)

2.Fixing a limp is harder than I thought. You see, I didn’t realize that I was limping. My friend Laura is the one who mentioned that I am doing so. After denying that I was limping I decided that she was right. Then, I focused really hard to walk normally. The harder I focused, the more I felt like an idiot, but if i didn’t focus on not limping my injury wouldn’t heal properly.

That translates into real life. Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are doing something wrong until a good friend keeps us accountable and brings it to our attention. Then, we take it upon ourselves to fix it although we may not see it. We have to realize that we may be blind to our own mistakes. We have to see that we fall short and if we embrace that, it will actually help the healing process. That works for relationships, for our hearts, and for our body.

3. My body sucks at healing itself.

Let me just mention that I still have a bruise from a month ago on my arm. C’mon body, do your thing… heal

(I was born with low white blood cell count, you would think that I still don’t have any)

4.Christina knows her stuff

Throughout this whole process, Christina has been coaching me along on how to get better.  When I totally wanted to quit 7 weeks before the half, she told me I’d be fine. She encouraged me to get on bike and go on the elliptical to aid the healing process. She gave me advice on icing and gave me a healing timeline. Who needs an AT when you have Christina? I don’t.

Today, I sit hear and my knee feels 100% better. This week I am hoping to get bake to the pavement since it’ll be nice outside this week.

I have to focus on not overdoing it. I know myself and since I’ve missed 2 weeks of my Half Marathon training I’m going to want to run 7 miles tomorrow. I am going to try to keep reminding myself that I can run 6 miles no problem so technically I’m only a mile behind, which makes me less anxious.

Lets see how this goes.




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