1,368 hours.

New layout over here! Thanks to Yessenia!
I am computer challenged so all I can really do is type- which, if you have noticed, hasn’t even been happening because I haven’t posted in forever.
Besides school (which is handing it to me right now) and work (which I don’t even want to talk about)
sometimes life just continuously decides to hand you lemons (shit-covered lemons, if you ask me). And usually, I’d just say “MAKE LEMONADE!” But when the lemons are shit covered- I will not be making lemonade.

Without getting into any details- life has been chaotic. I’m sorry for my lack of posting.


Quick updates:

-Did Bikram Yoga for the first time today. I will do an entire post on this wonderfully sweaty experience sometime in the near future.
-Half Marathon training: I haven’t ran in the heat in SO LONG and got really used to running in the frigid temperatures of a midwestern winter. and suddenly, BOOM. IT’S MIGHT AS WELL BE SUMMER OVER HERE. Lesson to the wise: don’t set out for a run at 2pm. Noted.
-I have a second round interview with LifeTime Fitness to be a full time personal trainer next week. Eeeeeek! Someone cross their fingers for me. I’m excited, anxious, nervous, and just wayyyy too emotional (not in a crying way) about it. Everything happens for a reason though, so we’ll see how this all plays out.
-graduation (!!!) is in less than 2 months. 1,368 hours- roughly 🙂  

My body is tired from yoga, but my mind feels refreshed.
I plan to take advantage of spring break and do as much mind-refreshing things.


Conversate! =)

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