The problem with being short & Running on a treadmill

I haven’t talked about running in a while.. so let’s get at it.

I only really ran once over spring break- that 7k that handed my little booty to me. That was on a Sunday and I didn’t even look at my running shoes until the following Friday. I know I needed to get some time under my belt, so my Dad and I rented a movie and I planned to run on the treadmill for the 2 hour movie. As luck would have it, the treadmill “tread” was NOT cooperating and kept moving from side to side which was annoying. Also, my BODY was not cooperating and I had a side stitch that was so intense that it was making me nauseous. I guess an hour was not enough time between eating and running? Who knows. My point is that my 2 hour run turned into 45 minutes of half-assed jogging and then walking uphill. Also? The movie Young Adult sucks. Just don’t even waste your time.


I guess I was just so anxious to get back into running that instead of easing into it, I dove head first into an 11 mile run. Needless to say, it.was.rough. It wasn’t pretty. I took about 4 walk breaks. Some longer than others. As a matter of fact, on the trip back home, I decided I was just going to walk the 3.5 miles all the way back to my apartment. Then I got passed by a girl on the opposite side of the street who was mimicking a jogging pattern but, based on her pace, wasn’t jogging at all, but just walking with an awkward bounce. She was tired. I was tired. If she was just as tired as I was and was PASSING ME, I could freakin’ suck it up and half-ass jog my self back home. And so I did. I’d like to think I looked a little better than her awkward hopping-walk stride, but I’m sure I didn’t- let’s not kid ourselves. Then. THEN! I got passed my a girl who (and not judging here, at all, but to be honest I’m a BITCH when it comes to running) was not in better shape than me. I gave her props man. It was HOT out (that’s what I get for setting out at 1pm. Never again.) So I chased her. She had a good 100 pounds on me and was not wasting any time, so I ran. I stopped half-assed hop-walking and straight up ran. I wanted to tell the girl across the street that she was doing great! I wanted to give the girl I was passing a high-five. Because here we all were, three girls sweating our asses off on either side of the street at 3pm, struggling with making our feet hit the pavement just a little faster, and even though I was criticizing them right off the bat- they inspired me and motivated me to get my shit together and run. For that, I thank them. And I still stand firm behind the motivational saying: “No matter how fast you’re going, you’re still passing everyone on the couch.”

I would get to a stop sign and let an entire row of cars go through before I could talk myself into going again. I would get annoyed when someone would insist that I go and I would throw everything short of a middle finger and a tantrum in order to get the nice person to JUST SERIOUSLY DRIVE THEIR CAR THROUGH THE INTERSECTION BECAUSE I AM HOT. AND DYING. AND MY KNEES BURN FROM THE INSIDE SO PLEASE! JUST GO!

Crazy what 11 miles will do to you.
May I remind you that I have a half marathon, 13.1 miles, coming up shortly? Yeah. I’m scared for the people around me that day…

My training plan called for “7 miles of speed work” yesterday.  No part of me wanted to work out- not even lift. So once I got my self out of the locker room (which was a victory in itself) I plopped myself onto a treadmill.

Question for all of you (especially if you’re short!)  Is our pace on a treadmill actually correct? a 6.0 is technically a 10 minute mile- however, I can run a 10 minute mile like no one’s business out on the road or track- but the minute I’m on a treadmill, a 6.0 is seriously close to a sprint. Since our legs are shorter, this is inaccurate right? My feet have to move faster than a taller person on any given speed so aren’t I going faster? I cannot, for the life of me, figure out if the treadmill is actually an accurate estimator of speed. my 6.0 was keeping pace with the girl next to me running at 8.something. HELP.

So anyway. I ran between a 6.0-6.5 for 2 miles. Big deal, right? It was hard. In my mind, I was running WAY FASTER than a 10 minute mile. First off, there was no way that I was going to run 7 miles that day- not slowly and definitely not quickly. My legs are STILL sore from my dumb 11-mile-run idea. So I put in all that I had for two miles, sweat A LOT, and called it quits. I went to lift some chest, do pushups, and core work, and ran sprints around the track in between sets. It was hard, I wanted to puke, but knowing that I only had to “go around once- really quickly!” made it a little easier. I don’t know how many laps I actually ended up doing, but at least I ran, right? Right.

I’d rather get the 7 miles of distance under my belt than get hung-up about the speed part. I’m just never going to be able to run 7 miles, consecutively, in 9 minutes each. I’m okay with that. 13.1 miles is still 13.1 miles, even if I do finish last. 7 miles is still 7 miles, even if this whole speed part doesn’t come into play. I know what the plan wants me to do- just go a little faster than usual- and I can definitely do that. My pace, mentally and physically, is much slower for a “long” run, rightfully so. My pace for 7 miles, or a “shorter” run can afford to be a bit quicker. So that’s what’s on the agenda for today.

I don’t work this weekend- which is music to my ears- and my stress level- and for the first time in a long time I get to just SIT at my apartment and soak up the magic and bliss of doing NOTHING. I have a lot of online homework to attend to, which I will do right now- I just need to remind myself to not set out for the 7 mile run at high-noon times. I should have taken a picture of my sunburnt face after that run- it was a beauty.

But seriously, someone answer my question about short people running on treadmills.



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