I just did a rough estimate of how many calories I ate yesterday…

(In case you missed it, click here and here to read about my personal metabolic discovery and why I need to shovel food into my face in order to lose weight.)

and I know that this isn’t exactly accurate, BUT according to my calculations, my total stats for the day are as follows:
Calories: 3,043 (!!!)
Carbs: 314g
Fat: 129g (I’ll explain why this happened. and yes, I know that that is far too high. my bad. leave me alone)
Protein:  123g

So, the calories are spot on. What I now am struggling with is my mental state in which my brain is on OVER DRIVE and acting like a crack fiend withdrawing in a corner, rocking back and forth and instead of salivating about the thought of more crack- is eyeing every piece of food that crossing my sight and if there is no food in sight- I just sit around day dreaming about all of the wonderful, tasty possibilities of what can I eat next!

It’s a terrible cycle, really, because although YES I get to eat more so yes, I should shut the hell up and rejoice in this gloriousness that culminates all of my wildest dreams coming true!!!! it’s really not that at all. Calories are not created equal and just because I have more calories that need to be eaten- that does not mean that I get to eat unlimited amounts of cheese and crackers- WHICH, if you want to know, is EXACTLY what I did yesterday.

Here you go:
Breakfast: Quick Oats made with Water. Peanut Butter & Protein Powder
cals: 362
c: 30
f: 13
p: 33
Lunch: A Hummus Wrap (eaten in record time on my way to class)
These stats are ROUGH estimates that Sparkpeople.com spit out at me
Cal: 508
C: 67
f: 20
p: 17
Dinner: sweet potato w/ peanut butter & broccoli …and about ONE MILLION SALTINE CRACKERS- which should just adopt the Pringles tagline because seriously, once I popped that baby open, I COULD NOT STOP.
–> If you haven’t tried putting peanut butter on your sweet potato, you need to
RIGHT NOW!! It is so good.
cals:  1,017 (this made me LOL)
c: 155
f: 34
p: 28
Snacks: I ended up at a friend’s apartment, and stuffed myself with cheese
cheese stick, 4 slices of cheddar cheese, and some Kraft Mac & Cheese, and I also had two beers to wash the cheese down with.
cals: 1,156
c: 62
f: 63
p: 46

Clearly, this is not the ideal way in which I should be getting in more calories. As a matter of fact, this should be called WHAT NOT TO DO. My fat intake is FAR TOO HIGH (ideally, for me, it should be between 36-66grams of fat/day. WOOPS. The way in which I got my protein is not the best way- and I told myself I’d stray away from dairy WHICH IS NOT GOING WELL BECAUSE I FREAKING LOVE CHEESE AND I CAN’T STOP.
I need to reduce my sodium intake, so the unlimited supply of saltines in my apartment needs to stop.
If I’m going to have cheese, perhaps washing it down with some cold ones isn’t the best way to wash them down- but it is awfully tasty.
And Peanut Butter is NOT a complete protein, so that should probably stop a little bit.

baby steps, people! Working on it.
Today is a new day.

I made myself some Deviled Eggs which were delicious, and I had some left over Quick Oats with Protein powder.
I already know I’m going to need to pick up the pace today- it’s almost noon and I’ve only eaten:
381 cal, 15g C, 25g F, 24g P.
I also know that at this rate, because of the yolks of the eggs and the peanut butter, that my fat intake needs to slow down before the end of the day.

I’m heading out for my workout- not running today, but lifting triceps & biceps and some HIIT on the treadmill.
Tonight, once I’m home, I’m probably going to do the Plyo workout that Mayra gave me!
6 rounds of:
20 Squats
20 Jump Squats
20 lunges
20 jump/switch lunges
–repeat 6 times in under 27 minutes.


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