Waiting For My Garmin To Charge..

I somehow convinced Yessenia to run with me today.
Actually, not really but a series of events lead up to her being willing to accompany me. Right now I’m waiting for my Garmin to have enough battery to last thru the run.

While I’m waiting.. here’s an update:

I got my body composition checked on Friday. I cringed by way through the entire thing waiting for the computer to sound an alarm that would scream “FAT! OVER WEIGHT! OBESE! GET HER OFF THE SCALE!” and some sort of net contraption would fall on top of me and throw me out of the building for good.

To my surprise, no such thing happened.

The last time I got my body comp checked was back in December of 2010- so 1.5 years ago.
Based on the fact that it was so long ago, the numbers really aren’t THAT impressive, but considering I was in Australia all summer (aka minimal lifting and running) and haven’t been lifting heavy, heavy like I started this past August, and I didn’t start training for this half marathon until a few months ago- I’ll settle for what the results were:

Since the last time I got checked, I have only lost 4 pounds, BUT I gained 5 pounds of muscle mass. THAT makes me happy.
My body fat % is 21, which is considered in the optimal range, which spans from 18%-25% body fat for women. I still have some work to do- as I would obviously love to fall around the 18% mark, but we’re making progress, right? Back in December ’10, my BF% was 27%. YIKES. Never again, thanks.
Granted, the last time I got it checked it was using a Tanita Scale that sends electrical impedance through your body through your feet- and this time it was done using skin calipers and a computer that spat out the information.

I already know, based on the recent food tracking I’ve been doing, that my fat intake is far too high.
The fact that I’ve been snacking on almonds all day does NOT help my case- but more on that later.

This run shall be interesting, as Yessenia runs faster than me but I’m pretty sure I run farther- if I can keep pace with her maybe I’ll convince her to run a solid 12?
Fingers crossed! 🙂


Edited after the run.

One word: Death.
Two words: Hell & Death.
A short phrase: Burning death and hell wrapped up into one ball and I hate running today.
Tomorrow I will love it again. And the cycle continues.

Around mile 2 my calves and achilles tendons were on fire.
Around mile 5 I needed to stop and pee and my hip was about to burst into flames. I have NEVER had hip pain during a run… no bueno. The pain radiated down my quad and then settled in my knee. Awesome.
Kept trucking- thanks to Yessenia. If I wasn’t running with her I would gave thrown in the towel and walked my pain stricken self home. I felt responsible for her long run so I kept going. Stopped for a quick pee break, some water, and stretching.

Around mile 7.25 I felt my motor skills start to become one, big haze so I stopped and split my bag of Craisins with Yessenia. I don’t know if my stomach was already hurting, but once I swallowed those- I was certain I was about to puke.

Around mile 9.25 I was ready to pass out. I could feel my surroundings start to slip away from me so I had to slow it down to walk while Yessenia ran ahead. She waited for me at the stop light (so great!) and we waited for the traffic to go by and the light to change before we finished this bad boy up.

My stupid Garmin that I was charging didn’t last the entire run because I didn’t let it fully charge- it died by 9.30 and so we had to go off of time alone to gauge how long we’d be running.

We finished strong- at least that’s how I felt- I felt like I gave that run everything I had left and even though I had to stop or slow down or wanted to DIE, I kept going and we finished 10.80 in 1:53. It wasn’t pretty or glamorous or fast by any means- but my lower body is outrageously sore- so I am happy with that.


Sometimes running with a lot on your mind can be good- sometimes it’s not. Today was one of those runs where I think the heaviness of my heart and feelings and emotions literally weighed me down. I’m so thankful that Yessenia ran with me or my run would  not have happened- I wanted to just sit and think about the things that are weighing heavy on my mind- but I knew I needed to run because the half marathon is creeping up- FAST. I needed someone to keep me accountable for my distance, I also needed someone to just keep me company. Sometimes long runs can be liberating and just what you need to escape reality- but sometimes long runs are just plain boring and you feel trapped with just you and your thoughts- (just me?) and having someone next to you makes it all the more bearable.

My body was craving some SERIOUS sugar when I was done. Instead of going to Custard Cup like I was deliriously craving, I settled for a Spinach, Banana, and Almond Milk smoothie which quenched most of my thirst and satisfied me. At my stop to the grocery store, however, I saw a sale on Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches, so I shamelessly bought a pack. I also bought some Kellogs Chips things- 120 calories per serving which is 27 chips- and although they are going to do nothing for me nutritionally, sometimes ice cream and chips are good for the soul.

This whole eating more thing, although I’m trying to embrace it with open arms- SERIOUSLY BRING ON THE FOOD-
it’s HARD.


Here’s the totals:
Calories: 1,706
Carbs: 165
Fat: 63
Protein:  117

The calories does not take into account my almost 11 mile run- which burned about 980 calories according to my calculation. So technically, I’ve only had about 726 calories.
I ate my dinner and my stomach felt like it was GOING TO EXPLODE because I was so full.
FINE- FINE! Maybe filling up on a damn skinny cow ice cream sandwich wasn’t the best choice, but there’s just no possible way I’m going to be able to eat anymore for the rest of the night. It’s already 9:45 here, my stomach is not only FULL but it’s also upset- thanks to the run, I’m sure.

This is totally random, but as a side note to myself, I am so blessed. I have enough food that I can stuff myself until I am full, I have a body that barely gets me through long runs, and I have friends that are willing to accompany me on those runs. Right now, as I said earlier, “shit just got real”, but I need to focus on all of the greatness and positivity that still surrounds me and my life- as difficult and sticky and serious as it might get.
On that note, bedtime.
And I hope you all have something to be grateful and happy for 🙂


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