Let’s Talk About Birth Control

If you don’t like reading about menstrual related business- skip this post 😉 


After what seemed like the baby-craze in the blog-world (almost every single blogger that I follow(ed) was having a baby, had a baby, was trying to have a baby, etc) I started to raise my eyebrows about my birth control. A lot of the women were having fertility issues and a lot of their doctors were telling them that it was due to their hormones being out of whack due to being on BC for so long.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT trying to get pregnant. If you know me, you are laughing at this statement because you know how absolutely terrified/borderline disgusted I am at the thought of myself being pregnant/giving birth/raising a child. So there’s that. This has nothing to do about my ability or remote desire to currently (or ever) bare a child. 

I started to become overwhelmingly aware of the fact that I was pumping synthetic hormones into my body in the form of a tiny, pink pill. I was put on BC years ago for non-sexual related reasons and stuck with it for years for a number of reasons. But as I started to become more aware and more concerned about what kinds of things I was putting into my body- not just in the form of FOOD- I started to weigh my options.

Am I going to suffer longterm effects if I keep taking the pill? There has been evidence to support both sides of the argument,  but for where I am right now and what I want to do with my body, I decided to just go off the pill in an effort to decrease the amount of chemicals and overall crap that I am putting into my body.

I am not anti-BC, at all. As a matter of fact, I never had a problem with it and kind of actually loved taking it for so many years- I never had any acne, my periods were a walk in the damn park, and you know- that other thing that it helps with 😉 If you’re on the pill- for whatever reason- Great! If it’s working for you and you’re not weird about chemicals in your body- then go for it! This is just my journey thus far.

I haven’t taken it since about January. It kind of started lackadaisically when I was in Europe and just didn’t take them on a regular basis- but I had taken months off for no particular reason and then would start up again. I realize now that this is probably really stupid- but whatever. Now, my periods kind of do what they want- which is slightly terrifying. I PMS for what feels like FOREVER and I have no idea when it’s actually coming. This makes planning very tricky and I carry tampons with me for weeks on end- just in case. I got used to my periods only lasting about 4 days, and in February it lasted close to 8 (and side-lined me for about 2 of those 8 days), and in March it lasted about 5- so I have no idea what to expect this month except for that it’s definitely on its lovely way and I’m going to have it or get it on the day of the half-marathon. My biological timing is just PEACHY.

Clearly there are period-related side effects that are going on related to all of this. So my actual point to this seemingly pointless post is that there has to be other side effects of coming off the pill that are happening.

For one thing, I am definitely having a more moody PMS than before- which for some of you is probably a horrifying thought- sorry about that- but it’s not a cake walk for me either. I have had to constantly remind myself to CALM THE EFF DOWN throughout the days for the past 1.5 weeks when something STUPID pisses me off.

I am definitely retaining more water. This has been the most difficult for me to get over so far. I don’t really think my weight fluctuated that much when I was on the pill, but I’ve been avoiding mirrors like the damn plague these past week or so because my face looks SWOLLEN, my ankles look worse than a 9-month pregnant woman, and I still look like I swallowed a fucking bowling ball. On top of that, I’m ultra sensitive so I can’t even cope with the fact that I not only FEEL fat but indeed I LOOK FAT and it’s just one vicious cycle- NOT TO MENTION THAT I ATE AN ICE CREAM SANDWICH FOR BREAKFAST THIS MORNING AND I COULDN’T EVEN HELP IT! I never do that. Ever. But I did this morning.

Has anyone ever seen The Santa Claus? With Tim Allen? When he goes to the work meeting and is a chunky-monkey and can’t fit into any of his clothes and he tells everyone he got stung by a bee, when, in actuality he is turning into Santa Claus? THAT IS HAPPENING TO ME, RIGHT NOW. I am turning into Santa.


If anyone has an awesome red jump suite that they could lend my fat-ass to squeeze into like good ol’ Tim, let me know.


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