Pictures, Updates, & a Karma Cleanse

Not one, but TWO separate bouquets I got from two different tumblers this past weekend for the second Tumble Show at the Park district. So great!

One of the bouquets was from Bella and her family. I love this little girl with my whole heart. She’s been struggling with being adopted and feeling out of place and left out. When I shared my story with her, her eyes lit up like no other and she came to class the following week with a ton of questions about being adopted. It was this very moment I realized that sacrificing my weekends for almost two years was completely worth it. If I taught tumbling just to help a little girl feel loved and accepted among her own family- then my work there is done and I could not have a more joy-filled heart because of it.

This kid and I went shopping for Mother’s Day presents this past weekend. This kid and I have also been on quite the roller coaster for the past few months or s0- to say the least. This kid also bought a house today! I’m so excited for him.

My lunch today! So delicious! On the bottom was a handful of lettuce, covered with red cabbage, green beans (raw), black beans, grape tomatoes, banana peppers, and imitation crab meat (my all-time guilty pleasure food addiction). I topped it with some Fat Free Italian Dressing and ate every, single last bite of it. Yes, I ate it out of a huge tupperware container- the bigger the salad, the better.

Update on the food front: Yesterday I had a sweet potato and rice for breakfast- kind of because I’m carbo-loading for the Race on Saturday (gulp), kind of because it was already made and easy and I was lazy that morning, and kind of because I just wanted to. Well, turns out I was held over pretty well until lunchtime when usually I am an overly ravenous maniac by lunch time. This morning, I decided to give it another go. For breakfast I had 1/2 sweet potato, some “fried up” red cabbage (by fried up I mean tossed around in a hot pan with some Soy Sauce- random for breakfast, I know), and 1/2 cup of black beans. Also, side note, I WAS STARVING WHEN I WOKE UP THIS MORNING.  I’ll take this as a good sign that my metabolism was up and kicking which is good. You want your body to be ready to eat in the morning and you want to have a calorically dense meal first thing in the morning to really rev up your metabolism for the day. Either my inner-fat girl is taking OVER MY LIFE or my metabolism really is revving up because by 10:45am, I was starving. Instead, I went to the gym… which leads to me a running update:

It’s taper time, which means the miles are drastically cut back for this week. The schedule had me running a 3mile tempo run today, so I set out to do that on the treadmill. Not even one mile into it, my shins were BURNING. I decided it was because I wasn’t used to the treadmill so I hopped off and took it to the track. Not even one mile into it- shins continued to burn and I was feeling SO DISCOURAGED while running that in order to try and save ANY remnant of self confidence in myself that I am absolutely going to NEED on Saturday, I stopped running all together. Call it stupid, call it self-sabbotage, call it whatever you want, but I’m calling it self-preservation. Today was just NOT my day to run. Maybe I got it out of my system and will be blessed with an AWESOME run on Saturday. A girl can dream, right?

For the record, I can’t believe the Half Marathon, pretty much- the reason why this blog was started IS HERE. And I can’t believe how un-half-marathon-y this blog has become. Sorry, ya’ll. 

On the agenda for the rest of the night is to catch up on homework. I really don’t want to have anything homework related to think about this weekend, so I’m trying to crank it all out now. Sweet Home Alabama is on which will make for a great distraction background noise.


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