Running Like a Spring Chicken

It just has not been my time in internet-land for these past 24 hours.

Long story short, upon trying to submit my 200-point, 2 hour final online last night, the internet cut out, forcing me to get into an email argument with the professor and having to take it again. Taking it a second time was much more enjoyable since I was surrounded by friends (literally) and homemade peanut butter cookies.

Then, just now, I went to hit “publish” on a post and POOF it disappeared. I think I mentioned it before, but I’ve been toying with the idea of starting another blog about other facets of my life, and it was the first post. And now, there is no post.

So who knows what that’s all about…

In other news..

I tried running for the first time since the half marathon and it didn’t go so well. I feel like an idiot for thinking I was going to re-enter the running scene like a spring chicken and be able to go balls to the wall about it- but I couldn’t hit 4 miles. I did something around 3.33mi but my hamstrings were turning into baseballs and my IT bands were angry. Since then, I’ve run some HIIT on the treadmill which was fine, but it was only for 15 minutes so that’s not saying much.

On Sunday, which is also Mother’s day, I have a 5K!
Last year, this was only my second 5K and I was an idiot for multiple reasons:
1) I wore Under Armor under my t-shirt… It was May. Rookie mistake. I got so hot around mile 2 that I was ready to puke everywhere. It was awful.
2) I went out so HARD. I think we were clocking in at 8min miles for the first mile or so.. For some of you with long legsΒ this is fine. For me, whose pace is closer to 10min miles, this was insane. Rookie mistake, AGAIN. By mile 3, between the speed and my skin boiling underneath my under armor, I was DEAD.
3) This is kind of part of #2 but I didn’t save enough energy to go all-out once I saw the finish line. The finish line always puts the fire under my ass for me to really push it and finish strong. For this race, I was toast and pretty much walked it in- which NEVER feels good.

See under armor? Bad, bad choice.

I’m pretty sure my time was like 30:12 which is pitiful, but a year ago, it’s all I could manage.

The 5K before that was the Race to Wrigley and I think Stephen and I finished in 29:something. It was my first race EVER! It rained the entire time. My goal was to beat 30minutes and I did. Proud racing moment.


My best 5K time to date is the 5K that took place as a part of the Sprint Triathlon last October and we finished in 27minutes.

Considering we swam and biked before that, I was pretty proud to even still be standing at this point. No, Sprint Triathlons are not super, duper hard. But it was my first one, I’m not a swimmer and my ass is far too big to be sitting on a bicycle seat for 14.5 miles and then run a 5K, but I did it! And I PRed in the meantime. Clearly, I was feeling good according to the picture. And feel good I did πŸ™‚


I’m excited to revisit the 5K distance as a race, but I have absolutely no expectations for myself seeing as I can’t get my legs to realize that it’s okay to START RUNNING AGAIN. This is definitely not a mental thing as I am itching to get back out there. I’ll set out for a few more runs and see how it goes. Sunday will just be for fun and our registration helps raise money for Breast Cancer so that’s all that counts. But it still wouldn’t be bad to PR in a 5K for once and stop with this lolligagging slow business of running less-than-stellar 5K’s!


Tomorrow is going to be a busy day! Katie agreed to workout with me in the morning! I met Katie in Australia (We studied abroad together and happened to go to the same school) and I talked her into going on a few runs with me! I’m excited to sweat with her again πŸ™‚

fter that I have a meeting at 1
Pictures with Yessenia after that
And Pedicures with all the girls who ran the half last weekend!
Mayra, Yessenia and her roommates!
I apologize in advance to whoever has to do my pedicure for a few reasons:
I’m so ticklish that I pose serious threats to the safety of my pedicurist & my feet are so disgusting and littered with blisters (hard earned!) I’m scared as to how much skin is going to come off when they do that potato-peeler thing…

That is all for now.
Lots on my mind since my life as a non-student has already begun because academically I am DONE.
Obviously, since I’m still at school until Saturday, it hasn’t sunk in yet or really made a difference but come Monday morning- training for my new job starts and let’s just say my anxiety is taking all of the fun out of it- but that’s a post for another day.

Hopefully this post will post and not disappear along with my exam and other post…



3 thoughts on “Running Like a Spring Chicken

  1. What will your other blog be about? I was thinking about starting a second blog to chronicle my half marathon training. Are you going to quit this blog after graduation (btw: Congratulations!). So many questions!

    • I love answering questions πŸ™‚ I feel like I have a lot to say (aka mindless rambling- per usual) about transitioning from being a college student and being dropped into the real world & working a “real job”; my new blog will probably chronicle everything else not fitness/running/nutrition related that happens from here on out. I’m definitely not going to quit this blog after graduation! Actually just worked out a bunch of new layouts and some new stuff for this blog so stay tuned!

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