About Christina

Hey guys! =)

This would be my second “about me” section- which means that a lot has happened since this blog first started!
I am now a graduate of the University of Illinois with a BS in Kinesiology.

I’m a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and was lucky enough to land a full time job right out of school. I now work as a personal trainer which is a dream come true- for now. My purse is a gym-bag, my uniform is workout clothes, and my office is a weight room.  


I’ve always been an athlete, so as the typical story goes- I got to eat whatever I wanted and it never made a difference. Enter college: where the organized sports and practices were no longer, but the parties and late-night pizzas were in abundance. Sophomore year was a rough one, and I remember thinking nothing of finishing off an entire box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Somehow, I thought running would be a good idea to try and shed the leftover pizza that was becoming my body..
My running story can be found here. 


I’m not a fast runner, by any means, but I love running and I had a blast working my way up to 13.1 miles.
I’ve also slightly dabbled in Sprint Triathlon training but have yet to revisit that scene after crossing the finish line- but it’s definitely something I can see myself doing again.
I’ve pulled up Half Iron Man training schedules and kept the windows open on my desktop for weeks at a time but have yet to take the plunge whole-heartedly.

I’m huge fan & advocate of weight training. I don’t condone or believe in lifting teeny-tiny weights and expecting to see results or strength gains. I believe in working up until and a little past your comfort zone when it comes to lifting.

There’s no way for me to categorize this blog. If I had access to my computer 24/7, this blog would be a hodgepodge of a little bit of everything and not just my fitness and nutrition endeavors- but for now, that’s how it will remain.

I’ve found a lot of inspiration from reading other blogs and hope to inspire at least one person with this blog. I would love to change the way people view food and exercise and themselves.

I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride!

Questions and comments can be left in the comment section or emailed to me at:

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7 thoughts on “About Christina

  1. Thanks for the feedback. I watched it too and was thinking maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong since I’m 5’3 and keep hitting the same wall and not getting any smaller. The fact of the matter is I just need to maintain discipline, eat right and work out period. That book at $25. is not the remedy. Thanks for the reality check and Happy Birthday!

    • thank you for the birthday wish!!! and thanks for reading! I’m only 4’9″ so I definitely have some of the same problems with weight and the fact that gaining only a few pounds is so OBVIOUS on me, but for someone who is taller, it won’t show as much. I’m sure you’re working hard, just don’t give up, keep trying to eat healthy 85% of the time and keep sweating!! you can do it =)

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  4. Hi Christina,

    I’m also trying to do a race of some kind (half, full, tri, etc.) in all 50 states. My deadline is my 25th birthday! Looking forward to reading more of your blog and following it in the future!

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